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Holidays vs Holiday Home Ownership

What is Cheaper: Holiday Homes or Breaks Abroad?

Would I Save Money If I Bought a Holiday Home?

The average UK family spends £4,800 on their annual holiday. This is before taking account of spending money!

To put this into context, for the same amount of money you could buy:

  • 8,000 Mars Bars;
  • 362 Whole Chickens from Nandos – almost one for every day of the year!;
  • 18 months renting a brand new luxury BMW 1 Series

And what do you have to show at the end of it? Just a collection of cherished memories which make that inevitable return to work all the more painful as you begin the countdown to your next break away from home.

But what if for a very similar price you had something physical to show for it all which would provide you with a platform from which to create a lifetime of happy holiday memories which don’t need to end?

Well this option is available to you when you buy a holiday home from Darwin Escapes at one of our nine holiday parks across the UK. Owning your own dream holiday home may well turn out to be far cheaper than you had ever imagined…

January 2019 Darwin Escapes Campaign Banner

Owning a Holiday Home From Just 50p Per Hour…

We took it upon ourselves to work out whether owning a holiday home at a 5 star holiday park in the UK is actually a cheaper option than a one-off two week break abroad. The results may well surprise you…

Family holidays at the seaside

Family holidays abroad Vs. in the UK – what do you prefer?

Firstly we looked at the cost of a two week holiday in a standard 3 star Majorca hotel in the middle of August for your average family. Collectively, the four members of the clan will enjoy 56 days on the resort (14 days x 4 people) which equates to 1,344 hours.

When you divide the full cost of this particular holiday on TravelSupermarket (£2,352) by this number of hours, it turns out that the average family will be spending £1.75 per hour for each person to enjoy two weeks away from home.

So what about if you buy your own holiday home? Well, if you were to take up this option at our 5 star Talacre Beach Resort, the four family members collectively would be able to enjoy a maximum of 512 days on holiday each year which comes to a total of 12,288 hours. This includes the six weeks of school summer holidays and every weekend across the resorts 10 month open season.

There are three types of expense which you will need to take into consideration if you are to opt for holiday home ownership. These are:

  • Price of Purchase – The cost of actually buying the holiday home split out by the total number of years over which the holiday home is guaranteed to last (£1,999.50 over a 25 year period in the example used);
  • Annual Site Fees – The fee paid by all owners to cover the cost of park maintenance, facilities, entertainment, activities and much more (£2,995 at the time of writing);
  • Running Costs – The cost of electricity, gas etc. (£1,100 in the example used).

In the example we used at Talacre Beach to purchase a brand new static caravan at our 5 star luxury resort, you would be required to spend approximately £6,094.50 per year. When you divide this by the number of hours which could be spent on park over the year, this works out at a total of just 50 Pence per hour!

Of course, the annual costs will be slightly higher if you were to upgrade to a luxury lodge for instance. However, we ran the figures on lodge ownership using the same approach at the 5 star Hawkchurch Resort & Spa in Devon and it still worked out at just £1.12 per hour for each family member across the 12 month open season which is available at this particular resort which is still cheaper than that one off holiday abroad each year.

Cost of UK Holiday Home Ownership vs Holidays Abroad Infographic

The Benefits of Owning Your Own Holiday Home

So not only do you have something physical to show for your money, but you also gain the option of being able to go on holiday whenever you feel like it. Had a bad week in work? Then jump in your car on Friday evening and venture off to your second life of 5 star luxury away from the stresses and strains back home.

Cheddar Woods bowling alley

Complimentary access to on-site facilities

You may well find that even having this option available to you is enough to help get your through those difficult and stressful periods. After all, it means that you won’t have to start that 365 day countdown to your next break away.

Then there is your holiday spending money to consider. Anyone with children will know full well that finding something to keep the family entertained every day during a holiday can sometimes turn out to be just as expensive as the holiday itself.

This is without taking into consideration the number of hours which are wasted with those painstaking discussions about exactly what to do each day. Just a single hour of debate about this would cost the average family £7 on their annual break abroad using the above calculations.

5 star facilities & activities

Benefit from daily activity & entertainment programmes

Well, when you become an owner at a Darwin Escapes resort, this problem would be significantly reduced. This is because as part of your annual site fees, all members of the family would be able to benefit from access to the on-site facilities, activities and entertainment.

These vary at each holiday park, which is why it is so important to take into consideration the needs of your family when choosing the location of your home away from home.

For instance, those with children to keep entertained would be best facilitated at somewhere like New Pines Holiday Home Park in North Wales where as part of your annual site fees you would benefit from complementary access to:

  • A heated indoor swimming pool with swimming lessons available;
  • Exciting daily activity programme including football, tennis, body zorbing and much more;
  • Children’s activity programme with Charlie Bear;
  • Evening entertainment & themed evenings in a 5 star clubhouse;
  • Sauna & steam room
  • State of the art air conditioned gymnasium

With a varied programme of activities and entertainment on offer, you are sure to find something for all members of the family to fill the majority of those holiday days on-site. All of which reduces the need to spend extra on days out at attractions in the local area. The long running cost savings this affords are very likely to be notable, particularly for those with children.

Discounted Days Out

If you do decide to venture off park and find a nearby attraction you would all like to visit, then please be sure to check in with us as to whether we are able to provide any discounts.

Darwin Escapes enjoys special partnership with attractions around many of its ownership destinations, including the world famous Chester Zoo. Owners at any one of our four North Wales holiday parks are entitled to discounts on the cost of entry here; just another little perk of being an owner with us.

Darwin Escapes Sponsor Chester Zoo

What Are You Waiting For?

With so many benefits and potential long running cost savings, opting to become a holiday home owner at one of our holiday parks rather than forking out for a one-off break abroad really does make sense.

5 star facilities at Hawkchurch

Enjoy a luxurious second life as a holiday home owner with Darwin Escapes

Start 2019 by buying yourself a luxury second life which you can escape to whenever you please when you become a holiday home owner with Darwin Escapes.

If you tell us what you are looking for in your dream holiday home and the destination in the UK which most appeals to you, then we will keep our eyes peeled for you. We won’t pester you; if you decide that ownership isn’t right for you, then we will respect your decision.

We are committed to helping our customers create a lifetime of happy holiday memories, and if our destinations aren’t right for you then you needn’t worry about any unwanted pressure. Simply enter the required information into the form below and let us be your eyes and ears in the industry:

Get in Touch Online

Yes, I would like to opt-in to future communication from Darwin Escapes. We will only contact you by your chosen methods below:

Darwin Escapes keeps the interests of its customers top of mind, so you can rest assured that your data will only be used to help you and will not be shared with external parties unless otherwise requested. For more information about how your data will be utilised, please visit our privacy policy page.

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