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Customer Reviews Policy

Here at Darwin Escapes honesty is the best policy. We love to hear feedback from all of our genuine customers. Before submitting a review on please take time to read our customer reviews policy. Failure to abide by the following guidelines will prevent your review from being published*.

Family-friendly – No profanity, threats, prejudiced comments, hate speech, sexually explicit language or other content that is deemed inappropriate for the Darwin Escapes website will be published.

Genuine guest reviews or first-hand experiences – We only accept reviews of guest’s first-hand experiences of our park locations. General feedback and discussion that doesn’t meet this will not be published.

Relevant to other Darwin Escapes customers – No content that is not related to Darwin Escapes and the services we offer will be published.

Unique and non duplicate – You may write one review per visit of our locations. Multiple reviews of a single visit will result in all reviews not being published.

100% original – We will not accept any content that has already been published on other websites. Copying and pasting will result in your review not being published.

Self promoting – Any reviews which include external links, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and/or any content that is deemed promotional will not be published on the Darwin Escapes website.

Valid email address and name – Reviews posted using a fake email account and/or name may not be published on the Darwin Escapes website.

*Darwin Escapes reserves the right to prevent reviews from being published on if any of our reviews policy criteria isn’t adhered to. Darwin Escapes also have the right to change our “customer reviews policy” without prior notice.

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Reviews Policy

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