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Luxury holiday lodges at Tilford Woods

Customer Feedback at Tilford Woods

As with any Darwin Escapes resort, the number one priority for the staff at Tilford Woods Lodge Retreat is customer satisfaction and our mission is to “create and provide an experience which enables our customers to carve memories that last a lifetime, in a safe and secure environment”.

If your time at Tilford Woods has not met up to their high aims, please do let us know by using the feedback form below. We always aim to go the extra mile to help make our customers holiday’s special, and if we have failed in those aims we welcome your feedback so that we can improve our service moving forwards.

Equally, if you have enjoyed your stay at Tilford Woods but have some recommendations on what we can do to improve the service we offer; we will welcome your feedback.

Please fill in your name and contact details below along with your feedback:

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Customer Feedback - Tilford Woods

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