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Tranquillity Spa in Flintshire

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Currently Closed

Unfortunately the Tranquility Spa at Talacre Beach is now closed for the off season. However, if you are still looking for a spa treatment in the local area, then why not take the trip up to our 5 star Aberconwy spa which is undoubtedly one of the best spas in Conwy.

View our treatments at the Tranquility Spa.

At the Tranquility Spa we are proud to partner with Aromatherapy Associates; their passion for essential oils and plants extracts stems from the understanding that their power can transform your physical and mental wellbeing.

Below is just a sample of the treatments and packages available at the Tranquility Spa in North Wales. A full range of treatments is available in our online brochure here. For more information on our spa treatments and packages in North Wales, at Talacre Beach Holiday Home Park, please get in touch using our simple contact form at the bottom of the page.

Wellbeing Treatments

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Intensive Muscle Release

This treatment is specifically designed for tight, stressed and aching muscles. Your therapist will use Swedish and cross muscle fibre massage techniques whilst combing essential oils with stretching and draining. This massage treatment is known for it’s anit-inflammatory and calming benefits.

Treatment Time: 60 Minutes – Price: £60.00

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Immune Recovery

An upper body treatment that aims to cleanse, clear and de-congest your airways and sinuses. An Ayurvedic scalp massage lightens a heavy head, while drainage movements help unblock sinuses and ease headaches. The ideal treatment to help clear your mind whilst supporting the immune system.

Treatment Time: 50 Minutes – Price: £55.00

Scrub & Wrap Treatments

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Bespoke Skin Polish

The Bespoke Skin Polish is an all over exfoliation that will leave you completely relaxed. Using high quality nourishing products your skin will look radiant and feel wonderfully smooth once the treatment is complete. This is the ideal treatment for those looking to soften their skin and brighten their spirits.

Treatment Time: 30 Minutes – Price: £30.00

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Rose Hydrator

The essential oil of damask rose helps to improve capillary circulation, whilst the aroma is known for soothing emotions. A gentle olive grain exfoliation starts the treatment, followed by the application of nourishing oils to the heels and cuticles. The body is then layered in rose gel, known for its hydrating and regenerating properties. Finally a moisturising combination of oil and cream is smoothed on before being left to penetrate with the body’s own heat under a wrap.

Treatment Time: 60 Minutes – Price: £50.00

Facial Treatments

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Ultimate Aromatherapy Associates Facial

Designed to suit your individual skin requirements, this bespoke facial uses a combination of the finest pure essential oils and plants extracts, that help to restore and recondition the skin, leaving your complexion smooth and luminous. Your expert therapist will apply oil and plant extracts using a specifically designed massage technique.

Treatment Time: 30 Minutes – Price: £30.00

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Deep Cleanse Facial

The Deep Cleanse Facial refreshes and balances, leaving your complexion super clean and fresh. A purifying treatment designed specifically for oily and combination skin. Application of oils is followed by steaming, extraction and a hot towel compress to refine the pores. A facial massage follows using drainage techniques to help remove toxins and tension. Finally a freshwater mud mask is applied to help draw out impurities, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed.

Treatment Time: 60 Minutes – Price: £55.00

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The Tranquility Spa at Talacre Beach is open to the public. If you have any questions and would like to make an enquiry please fill out the simple form below.

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Tranquility Spa Treatments & Packages

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