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Gym Membership Packages Available from Just £25 per calendar month

You are invited to join one of the best gyms in East Yorkshire in the form of the fantastic Box Health & Fitness Studio which is located on the grounds of the stunning Kilnwick Percy Resort in Pocklington.

With an extensive range of state of the art gym equipment and varying fitness classes available designed to facilitate the varying requirements of members, we will leave no stone unturned with the aim of helping you achieve your goals and achieve a better state of general wellbeing both physically and mentally.

Surrounded by stunning trees and wildlife, you won’t have to endure the hustle, bustle and fast paced stressful feel that often accompanies many city-centre gyms in York. We are the ideal alternative and generally regarded as being one of the best fitness facilities in the area.

Take a look at our range of gym membership packages below to determine which option would be best for you, with membership starting from as little as £25 per calendar month:

Full Peak Gym Membership

Access: Monday to Friday – 6am – 10pm

Access: Weekends – 8am – 8pm

Full membership of The Box allowing you full use of the facilities during the opening hours of 6am to 10pm during the week and 8am to 8pm at the weekends. Those with full membership can make use of the gym, all available fitness classes and enjoy full access to our fantastic Nordic Outdoor Spa with relaxation area with Jacuzzi swim spa.

Off Peak Gym Membership

Access: Monday to Friday – 9:30am – 4:30pm

Access: Weekends – 8am – 8pm

Off peak members can enjoy use of the facilities between the hours of 9.30am and 4.30pm during the week – Monday to Friday and 8am to 8pm during the weekends. Off peak members enjoy use of the gym, all classes during the off peak times and access to the Nordic Outdoor Spa.

Joint Gym Membership

Access: Monday to Friday – 6am – 10pm

Access: Weekends – 8am – 8pm

Joint members are available to couples wishing to join the fitness suite together. Joint members enjoy full use of all facilities including gym, classes and Nordic Spa during opening hours.

Corporate Membership Packages

Access: Monday to Friday – 6am – 10pm

Access: Weekends – 8am – 8pm

Corporate membership is available to local businesses with 5 or more fitness studio members. Corporate membership is also available to the emergency services and the armed forces and includes full access to all the facilities – gym, fitness classes and Nordic Spa, during all opening hours.

16-19 Membership

Access: Monday to Friday – 6am – 10pm

Access: Weekends – 8am – 8pm

The 16 to 19 membership package has been created to make the fitness studio more affordable for those aged between 16 and 19 years old. This particular membership offers full access to the gym, fitness classes and the Nordic Outdoor Spa, throughout all opening hours – 6am-10pm Monday to Friday and 8am-8pm during weekends.

The Box Membership Benefits

With a range of gym membership packages available, it is more affordable than ever to enjoy the fantastic fitness and wellbeing facilities at The Box.

All new members of The Box will receive a complementary gift bag which includes a branded hand towel, bottle of water and a benefit pack which includes:

  • Complimentary 30 minute personal training session;
  • Complimentary gym induction and training programme formulation. We will assess you current fitness levels and help you determine appropriate goals;
  • We will then conduct a gym programme review every 6 weeks to determine your progress and formulate appropriate refinements to your programme;
  • Three additional guest passes will be provided for friends and family;
  • 10% off the exquisite food and drink on offer in the Glasshouse Restaurant & Bar;
  • 10% off soft goods in the on-site KP Golf Shop which joins on to our challenging 18 hole golf course;
  • Enjoy 10% off full priced 4 night lodge holidays in Yorkshire at the idyllic Kilnwick Percy Resort (Mon-Fri excluding school and bank holidays);
  • You will also benefit from 10% off full priced hotel accommodation at The KP Resort in our stunning hotel pod units which are surrounded by the tranquil Yorkshire Wolds (Sun-Thurs excluding bank holidays).

Open from 6am until 10pm Monday to Friday and 8am until 8pm at the weekends, The Box has a warm and welcoming vibe combined with a highly professional management style, allowing members to make the most of the first class fitness equipment that is available.

All of our staff are highly qualified and experienced, with new members being offered a personalised fitness programme to meet their individual needs and goals. New members are also offered a free, full induction to ensure that they are confident they know how to use all of the equipment in the appropriate manner to reduce any risk of injury and optimise progression in terms of fitness, wellbeing and strength.

The combination of state of the art equipment, stunning views, tranquil surroundings and a friendly community of members makes The Box a fantastic place to enjoy a workout or fitness class. With an impressive schedule of classes throughout the day, 7 days a week – with everything from Box Fit to yoga, you can work hard and then relax afterwards in the wonderful outdoor Nordic Spa complete with Jacuzzi and relaxation area.

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The Box Health & Fitness Studio is open to the public. If you have any questions and would like to make an enquiry please fill out the simple form below.

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Gym Membership East Yorkshire – The Box Health & Fitness Studio

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