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Box Fit Classes in Pocklington – The Box Health & Fitness Studio

Fitness classes in Yorkshire

The Box offers a wide range of fitness classes

We offer a wide range of fitness classes to members of The Box Fitness Studio throughout the mornings, afternoons and evenings; 7 days a week.

This includes our ever popular box fitness classes in Pocklington’s finest fitness facility.

Read on to discover the many benefits of taking part in box fit sessions as well as learning how you can gain access to the classes which are on offer at The Box Health & Fitness Studio which is located in a scenic countryside location on the grounds of The Kilnwick Percy Resort in East Yorkshire, just 18 miles away from York city centre.

Box Fit Classes Explained

Box fit is a fantastic way to maintain or improve fitness no matter your current level of activity. With a set up similar to a circuit class, Box Fit incorporates boxing-specific movements including crunches, punches and footwork to provide a fun and functional workout that will leave your metabolism boosted hours after the workout has finished. Box fit is a great way to experience all the discipline and fitness training of a boxer, without the prospect of getting a right cross on the nose or chin!

Tough day at Work? Focus your energy as you release your aggression in a controlled manner on the pads or as you gather the energy to complete one more shuttle run or one more push up at your exercise station. Popular with both men and women, Box Fit is a fun way to boost your fitness levels and overall sense of wellbeing.

Box Fit Class Format

Box fit classes are set out in a similar fashion to a traditional circuit class. With ‘exercise stations’ set out around the studio. Each exercise station is used to perform a specific exercise such as press ups or hitting pads. One of our friendly instructors will then tell you when to stop or switch the pads when working with a partner.

After each exercise is completed, for around 1 minute, you get chance to catch your breath as you move to the next exercise-station. Beginners are encouraged to extend the rest period to suit their own levels of fitness and work at an intensity that they are comfortable with. This can be done by moving along to the next exercise station, but waiting an additional number of seconds before starting.

Class formats do vary week to week but will normally utilise hitting pads, shadow boxing, push ups and short sprints. There is no sparring or hitting of anybody! Which helps to keep classes fun, enjoyable and suitable for virtually everyone.

Benefits of Box Fit

Box fit classes have been shown to offer a wide range of health and fitness benefits, including:

  • Increased core strength;
  • Increased muscular endurance;
  • Improved cardiovascular health;
  • Improved co-ordination;
  • Improved agility.

In addition to the above, studies have also shown that Box Fit can have a positive impact on your general levels of self-confidence as well producing a heightened sense of wellbeing.

The psychological benefits are further enhanced by the levels of social interaction which are offered in our classes, with participants being warm and friendly with a community feel very much in evidence amongst our gym members. This is perhaps enhanced by the warm and friendly manner of our highly trained instructors who aim to educate and improve fitness levels in a fun environment which makes you want to come back.

Here at The KP Resort, we don’t just want to make you thinner or fitter; we are also aiming to help improve your mental health too with our range of classes.

Things You Need to Know

Our sessions are generally regarded as being the best box fit classes in Pocklington owing to the quality of our instructors and our facilities. Classes will utilise a range of equipment including mats and boxing pads, all of which will be provided for you on-site in our state of the art complex.

We would advise that class participants wear suitable sports clothing and footwear such as shorts, t-shirts and trainers for our box fit classes. You are also more than welcome to bring your own boxing gloves with you if you would prefer.

Don’t forget to bring a drink with you too because hydration is always important in any form of exercise.

Join The Box Today…

If you are looking for box fit classes in Pocklington, then why settle for anything other than the best? Become a member at The Box today in order to gain access to these sessions, our outstanding gym facilities and wide range of other fitness classes which are available as part of our jam packed timetable.

It isn’t all about exercise though, with members also able to take advantage of our Nordic Spa which is the perfect place to relax after a busy fitness session.

The Box is located on the grounds of The Kilnwick Percy Resort – an outstanding holiday Park in East Yorkshire which is surrounded by acres of scenic woodland. You can enjoy these views from The Box which is situated in an ideal location on the main complex. Our association with The KP Resort means that we are able to offer our gym members 10% off the high class cuisine which is on offer at the on-site Glasshouse Restaurant which really is a must visit!

Explore our membership options online, with packages available from just £25 per month.