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Fitness Classes in Yorkshire

Explore the range of fitness classes available at The Box

Fitness classes in Yorkshire

Wide range of fitness classes available at The Box

If you are looking for fitness classes in Yorkshire then make sure you don’t settle for second best.

Take advantage of the varying range of fitness classes which are available at The Box.

The Box Health & Fitness Studio is open from 6am-10pm Monday to Friday and 8am until 8pm at weekends. The fitness studio offers a range of classes throughout the opening hours to enable as many of its members as possible to take advantage of the energy and motivation that group fitness classes provide.

Those looking for fitness classes in York city centre would be wise to consider our offering as an alternative, with The Box being located a short distance from the city centre and providing a much more scenic and private setting in which to take you classes. It is a location you’ll never tire of visiting in the midst of the stunning Yorkshire Wolds.

We offer our members a range of classes from our expert fitness instructors. To ensure that we are up to date and meeting our members’ needs, fitness classes and the timetable itself may change.

Weekly timetable Bootcamp

Circuit Training

Circuit training is a classic fitness class that has been around for decades, because it is such an effective and efficient way to get fit. It is also a great way to replicate the intermittent, high intensity fitness that is required for field sports such as rugby and football. With both resistance based exercise for strength and cardio exercises for fitness and general health, circuits classes truly are a complete workout.

Box Fit Classes

Another circuit based class but with boxing specific exercises and punch-combinations. A fantastic cardiovascular and core workout that also builds functional movement patterns and fitness that is transferable to other sports. Thanks to the punching involved, it is also reported to be one of the best classes for releasing tension and stress!

Box Fit Classes

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

HIIT classes involve all-out bursts of exercise. The class is similar to circuit training but bouts of exercise are designed to be performed with more intensity and effort but for shorter periods of time. These bursts of intensive exercise last around 30 seconds and are interspersed with periods for recovery – usually between 10 and 20 seconds. HIIT is a great way to increase metabolism, fitness, endurance in a fun, quick and convenient fashion. Beginners are encouraged to work up slowly and gradually to all-out effort.

Pilates Classes

Providing a fantastic workout for core fitness, Pilates classes utilise exercises that were developed by pioneering fitness expert Joseph Pilates to improve wellbeing, posture, strength and balance.

Practitioners also report similar benefits in relation to overall health and wellbeing. Great for developing a strong core, flexibility and rehabbing specific injuries, Pilates is also used by professional athletes and sports clubs for injury prevention and increased strength and power.

Please inform our friendly instructor before beginning a class if you do have any particular injury as some exercises may need to be modified.

Pilates Classes

Spin Fitness Classes

A fantastic workout with minimal impact on the joints and lower back. Let the high tempo music and vibrant fitness instructor take you through sprints and hills to produce an intense 45 minute workout.

You can choose your own level of difficulty and guide your own progression as you control the resistance that you pedal against.

Kettlebell Classes

Kettlebells are believed to have originated in Russia back in the 18th century and have stood the test of time thanks to their ability to provide a great functional workout which utilises core and stabilisation muscles.

The whole body movements are great for fitness, increasing metabolism, agility, balance, flexibility and strength.

Step Classes

Step classes encompass a form of aerobic exercise which utilise an elevated platform. Popular since the 1980s, Step classes involve choreographed movements that will improve coordination, tone the whole body – with emphasis on the legs and glutes. Step Aerobics will also improve overall fitness and cardiovascular health.

Abs Blast

Work your abdominal and stomach muscles for an intense 30 minutes during this class. You will definitely feel the burn and experience improvements in your core strength as our expert instructor takes you through a number of exercises designed to work the abdominals, lower back, obliques and deep core muscles to improve posture and strengthen the core.

Dance Aerobics Classes

A fun yet challenging class which is enjoyed by both men and women. The class includes not only dance movements, but specific exercises that will place a higher demand on a participant’s fitness, generating improvements in muscular endurance as well as cardiovascular health. All classes also involve conditioning and toning exercises and stretching for mobility and injury prevention.

Aerobics Classes

LBT (Legs, Bums & Tums)

Designed to tone up and shape the specific areas where many people accumulate body fat, LBT utilises movements that encompass a range of exercises including crunches, lunges, squats to provide a great calorie burning and leg strengthening workout that builds muscle in addition to testing and improving fitness levels.

Yoga Tone & Pure Yoga

Utilising ancient forms and movements from yoga styles including Hatha and Ashtanga these classes are ideal for strengthening the core, shoulders, arms and provide a great way to improve flexibility, posture and wellbeing under the guidance of an experienced practitioner. Fantastic before or after a stressful day in the office.

Yoga Classes

Our Industry Leading Fitness Classes in Yorkshire

Members of our gym are fully entitled to take part in all of our fitness classes which are amongst the best on offer in the area, with our highly qualified staff being highly trained in a wide variety of techniques to ensure that you get the expert guidance that you need. Our team are also incredibly friendly, creating a superb social atmosphere that will make you want to keep coming back.

Our range of fitness classes is extensive to ensure we can cater for as wide a variety of training requirements as possible for our members. You can view our calendar and pick and choose the sessions which you think would work best for you.

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