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Willerby The Martin (2018)

Dimensions: 34 x 12ft
1In Stock
1In Stock

Key features

  • 2 x bedrooms
  • Central lounge
  • 2 x shower rooms
  • Double glazed windows and doors
  • Outlook French doors
  • Sited on a premium plot with a beautiful view

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The Willerby Martin is sited on a plot to compliment its spacious central lounge. The Martin also enjoys unmatched views of the Clwydian mountain range.

The 2 generously proportioned bedrooms either side of the caravan allow a perfect ownership experience which brings peace and quiet and privacy to your stay at New Pines. Each bedroom offers its own personal bathroom too.

The kitchen comes fully equipped and even includes a separate dining area to create delicious home cooked meals for the whole family. The Martin is also double glazed and centrally heated allowing you to make the most of your slice of the holiday home lifestyle in North Wales.

Darwin Ducks

Waddle fit in here?

Did you know that 424,317 Darwin Ducks can fit inside this holiday home?

Dimensions: 34 x 12ft
New Pines Features and Attractions

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Willerby The Martin (2018)

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