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Swift Loire (2017)

Dimensions: 35 x 12ft
1In Stock
1In Stock

Key features

  • 2 x bedrooms
  • Double glazed and centrally heated
  • Modern style
  • Red and russet colour scheme
  • Offset dining area
  • On the showground ready to view

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This Swift Loire holiday home has been designed with a well thought out living area and offset dining table creating that all important space for the family to sit and relax comfortably.

It is designed in a modern fashion with a contemporary colour scheme to match of robust red and chocolate brown. This holiday home is 2 bedroom with a pull out bed in the lounge meaning up to 6 people can holiday on New Pines this summer and beyond! As it is double glazed and centrally heated it can be happily be used all year round. There is a an En suite toilet in the master bedroom and wardrobe space a plenty!

This is a brilliant way to start enjoying family holidays together all year round!

Darwin Ducks

Waddle fit in here?

Did you know that 436,797 Darwin Ducks can fit inside this holiday home?

Dimensions: 35 x 12ft
New Pines Features and Attractions

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Swift Loire (2017)

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