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ABI Beaumont (2018)

Dimensions: 42 x 14ft
1In Stock
1In Stock

Key features

  • 2 x Bedrooms
  • Double Glazing & Central Heating
  • Blue Tooth Speakers
  • Front Opening Doors
  • Freestanding Furniture
  • Unique en-suite Bath/Shower lay out

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This ABI caravan doesn’t disappoint when you wish to buy luxury. This glorious caravan has a hidden design twist in the main bedroom with an en-suite bath/shower and a walk in wardrobe all behind the bedroom, you can make this area of the caravan your own hideaway from it all.

The lounge has two seater settees in a Chesterfield design, with a lift footstool for those relaxing moments.

The kitchen boasts a built-in washing machine/dishwasher and a microwave, also within the kitchen area is a separate freestanding dining table and chairs all in keeping with the warm décor theme from the lounge area.

Due to the caravan being 14 foot wide this caravan gives you the feeling of space and extra room where you most need it, the twin bedrooms also have 2 full sized beds giving you that home from home feeling.

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Darwin Ducks

Waddle fit in here?

Did you know that 611,516 Darwin Ducks can fit inside this holiday home?

Dimensions: 42 x 14ft
Talacre Beach Features and Attractions

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ABI Beaumont (2018)

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