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April Fools! Why don't you experience the real thing?

Our holiday breaks

DE:VR – the future of holidays

Luxury Adventures From Your Armchair

It can be difficult to agree on where to take your family holidays. Dad wants adventure, Mum wants to relax, the kids want to play and your teenagers just want their alone time. The solution? Virtual reality holidays from Darwin Escapes!

Thanks to the incredible advances in VR technology, we’ve been able to develop highly realistic virtual experiences for all of our parks, allowing you to enjoy the holidays you love without compromising – and without leaving the comfort of your sofa! For just £49.99 you can take unlimited holidays, with the whole family, keeping everyone happy!

Sorry, it was only an April Fools. However, there really is no substitute for the real thing and spending some quality time with the family. So why book a UK holiday break or enquire about holiday home ownership at one of our 22 luxury Darwin Escapes Holiday Resorts across the country.

Exclusive Experiences

The full adventure, from the comfort of home

A holiday with Darwin Escapes isn’t complete without our range of activities and onsite facilities, so we’ve worked hard to ensure you can experience them all in the DE:VR app. Enjoy everything you love about your family holidays, on your mobile phone!

Explore Nature

Undertake the ultimate adventure, voyaging through thick forests and rolling countryside without getting your shoes dirty. Experience in vivid colour the richness of the British countryside, whether it’s the golden sands of Talacre Beach, the depths of the Cheddar Gorge or the wide expanses of water in the Lake District. Don’t worry about getting lost – as long as you keep your doors shut, you’ll never have to step foot outside your home.

Enjoy New Activities

All of the exciting activities that are offered in our resorts are now available in the app for you and your kids to enjoy at any time. Why not try canoeing or snorkelling, without getting wet? Experience the thrill of walking on water in our Waterwalkerz, or learn some new skills in a circus workshop (juggling balls not supplied). You can even get in some target practice – unlock unlimited arrows to keep the fun going until bedtime!

Luxury Holiday Homes

You can upgrade your accommodation with the Prestige & Homeseeker Lodge add-on which is available as an in-app purchase for just £3.99. This will allow you to choose your surroundings and even your plot, so you can pick the best views and take full advantage of these 365 days of the year, whenever you choose. A range of the holiday home manufacturers finest accommodation types are available.

Beauty & Spa Package

Experience the relaxation of high-quality spa treatments without leaving your home. Choose from a range of treatments that are available in our resorts, from a deep tissue massage to the ultimate pain-free wax. Enjoy all the benefits of the tranquil spa atmosphere, in such rich detail that you can almost smell the essential oils. For the most realistic session, we recommend indulging in this virtual reality experience while reclining in a quiet room. *The Beauty & Spa Package is available as an in-app purchase for £1.99.

Chill Out

When you want to get away from it all and just relax on your own, look no further than the virtual hot tub add-on, exclusive to the Darwin Escapes Virtual Reality App! Sit back and chill out with the bubbles in the glorious sunshine, or switch to night-time mode to enjoy some me-time under the stars. *The Exclusive Hot Tub add-on is available as an in-app purchase for £1.99.

Bring Your Pets

Just like on a real holiday, you don’t have to leave your pets behind! Bring your dog along when you choose the Yappy Days expansion pack, and the whole family can experience the joy of the park together. For the best adventure, we recommend using the Yappy Days expansion in your garden – it all looks so real, your dog will feel like they’re really there, in the great outdoors! *The Yappy Days expansion pack is available as an in-app purchase for £3.99.

How it works

All you’ll need to get started is a smartphone and some headphones. You can download the DE:VR app from the App Store or Play Store for just £49.99. Just follow the instructions to create an account, so that we can personalise your DE:VR experience to you and your family.

Please note that our exclusive Darwin Escapes designed Google Cardboard viewer will be available for purchase separately.

Once your viewer arrives (within 2-3 working days of being ordered), all you need to do is load up the app, pop your phone in the holder and hold the viewer up to your face to start the experience. Plug in your headphones for an all-round experience! It couldn’t be easier!

Coming soon to the App Store

We’ve developed the DE:VR app for iOS and Android operating systems, with backwards compatibility so it also works on handsets that are two or three years old. We’re also working on an app for the Windows store, so even more people can get involved!

System requirements:

  • iPhone 5s and newer, running iOS 9.1 and higher
  • OR a phone with a display from 4.7”- 5.5” running Android OS 4.5 and higher
  • Audio output capabilities
  • VR headset, such as Google Cardboard (included in purchase)


Please ensure that you are in a safe environment before engaging with the DE:VR app. It is recommended that you remove potential obstacles and trip hazards from the surrounding area before undertaking any physical activities. We want you to get the maximum enjoyment from the app and fully engage with the virtual environment, but please remember that you will still be subject to the restrictions of your physical environment. For the full Darwin Escapes experience, please book a stay in one of our resorts.

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