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Competition Now Closed!

Thank you to every one that entered the competition. We are blown away by the number of fantastic entrants and have now completed the painstaking process of picking the names of our latest paddling of Darwin Ducks. Take a look at the names which were chosen below:

Can you name our new Darwin Ducks?

Introducing our new Darwin Ducks! The great British public have spoken and helped us choose the names for our latest paddling of Darwin Ducks. Take a look below to see if the names you suggested have been chosen.
  • Bath Mill

    The Bath Mill duck adores luxury and chic style but enjoys the great outdoors. She loves meandering through Newton Brook shaded by gorgeous trees on a hot sunny day.

    Likes: Artisan bread, Cloudy lemonade.

  • Beach Cove

    This duck is a laid-back romantic. You’ll often find him by the quirky beach huts writing beautiful poetry or indulging in a spot of fishing.

    Likes: The sound of the waves, Rom com movies.

  • Cheddar Woods

    As the ultimate family duck, the Cheddar Woods mascot loves to keep active. Whether it’s swimming, bowling, golf or a long walk up the Gorge - this wholesome duck loves it all.

    Likes: Cheddar cheese, The Glastonbury festival.

  • Hawkchurch

    Zen would be this duck’s middle name - if she had one! She has found inner peace with the outstanding natural beauty of Hawkchurch and always has a relaxed smile on her beak.

    Likes: Aromatherapy, Hydrotherapy pools.

  • Mullion Cove

    The Mullion Cove Duck loves to try new things, see new places and make new friends all in a relaxing environment. There’s nothing this duck loves more than to explore the Lizard Peninsula and come home to a nice warm bubble bath to relax his wings.

    Likes: Hot tubs, Hiking.

  • New Pines

    The New Pines duck is an adventurous soul and loves learning new skills such as football, tennis and even bodyzorbing. One minute he’ll be taking a dip in the pool and the next he’ll be enjoying the entertainment in the club house.

    Likes: Karaoke, Charlie Bear.

  • Piran Meadows

    This duck is just a big kid! We’re always seeing her taking part in our Go Active programme or playing tennis against our guests (she lets everyone win - or so she says!). But sometimes she’ll treat herself to a spa treatment if she wants to take it easy.

    Likes: Being competitive, Surfing.

  • Sandymouth

    Ever the comedian, the Sandymouth duck loves to have a laugh with the best of them. He even has his own stand-up show in the on-park clubhouse. This duck is as happy in a teashop in the nearby town of Bude as he is playing a game of bingo.

    Likes: Cornish pasties, Pub quizzes.

  • Talacre Beach

    As a more traditional duck, the Talacre Beach mascot enjoys the classic family-friendly ‘British Seaside’ holiday. He’s an easy-going duck with an appetite for fun - think family entertainment, beach frisbee and climbing Snowdon!

    Likes: Ice cream, Castles (both real and sand).

  • Thanet Well

    Thanet Well’s duck is a self-confessed foodie - which is perfect as our Lake District site is near lots of lovely cafes and restaurants using fresh local produce. This duck indulges in a quiet life surrounded by spectacular scenery and an abundance of wildlife.

    Likes: Grasmere gingerbread, Lake swimming.

  • Tilford Woods

    This duck should have been born a chameleon, as she gets on with everyone! One day she could be hiking across the tranquil countryside and the next she may be riding Nemesis Inferno at Thorpe Park. Fun-filled or chilled out - the Tilford Woods duck is ready for anything.

    Likes: Saunas, Seeing her friends at Birdworld.

  • Woodside Coastal

    Quirky and individual, the Woodside Coastal Retreat duck loves to learn about history, explore nature, fine food and adventure. She enjoys taking time out for herself in her private hot tub, as well as long bike rides by the coast.

    Likes: Organic food, Boats.

  • Woodside Bay

    The Woodside Bay duck keeps himself to himself, so the secluded surrounding of the Isle of Wight lodge retreat is perfect for him. He regularly goes on beautiful woodland walks after a long, luxurious breakfast.

    Likes: Reading (his favourite book is Jemima Puddleduck), Fresh sea air.


Competition Now Closed!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to help us name our latest paddling of Darwin Ducks. The lucky winner of our competition has now been informed and will soon to be enjoying a luxury 4 night break at one of our stunning Holiday Resort across the UK. Please stay in touch with Darwin Escapes via our newsletter, blog and social channels to ensure that you are the first to hear about more exciting competitions in the near future.

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