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Why work at Darwin Escapes?

Hear straight from our wonderful employees
Paul Wilcox, Maintenance and Grounds Manager

I have worked at Piran Meadows for just over 1 year and since starting at a newly refurbished park, the opportunities that I have been given to improve my skills and knowledge for my development have been endless. Working at Piran is refreshing and rewarding I enjoy my work and the daily challenges that each day brings.

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It is due to Darwin Escapes’ unsurpassed ability to turn tired resorts & holiday parks into highly profitable luxury destinations, that as a company, we continue to grow. As a result of this continued success and expansion, we are always happy to hear from hardworking chefs and kitchen staff, including head chefs, pastry chefs, Chef de Partie / CDP, sous chefs, prep and line chefs - whether you are seeking permanent or seasonal work.

Chefs and kitchen staff working for Darwin Escapes can benefit and take advantage of a very generous employment package which includes:

  • Competitive Rates of Pay
  • Use of onsite Leisure Facilities
  • An Opt-in Pension Scheme
  • Gaining New Skill via The Darwin Academy
  • Reduced prices on spa treatments
  • Reduced rates on meals at the onsite restaurant
  • Career Progression Opportunities
  • A Reduced Rate on Holidays at our resorts
  • Chef Jobs with Accommodation

    Although we do not provide it as standard, those chefs looking for accommodation onsite and for live-in chef roles within the company - please get in touch as it may be possible to facilitate those requirements in some circumstances as this is evaluated on a case by case basis.

    Our Luxury Devon Resorts

    Darwin Escapes currently owns 2 luxury holiday resorts in Devon. Beach Cove Coastal Retreat in Ilfracombe and the stunning Hawkchurch Resort & Spa which is located in Axminster, Devon.

    Beach Cove Coastal Retreat is primarily a romantic resort with luxury beach huts and hot tubs. The beach huts provide amazing views and are quirky yet luxurious. Beach Cove is located on the stunning and dramatic North Devon coast; it provides romantic views, a beautiful beach and memories that will last a lifetime. It is the perfect location to enjoy a romantic escapes, providing beautiful and luxurious one bedroom accommodation in an area surrounded by natural beauty. There are currently no chefs required at Beach Cove, but please check back for any updates.

    The first thing you will notice about Hawkchurch Resort & Spa is how blissfully peaceful it is, despite being only 10 minutes from the vibrant seaside community in Lyme Regis, it is calm and beautiful – surrounded and set amongst nature with amazing views of the countryside on offer.

    The resort also boasts a range of luxury facilities including a world class spa with beautiful interiors and treatment rooms. The spa has its own bespoke hydrotherapy pool in addition to a luxurious steam room and sauna. Adjacent to the spa is the onsite gym which has a range of cardiovascular machines and resistance equipment to offer anyone looking to maintain or get into shape. There is also a separate fitness room, ideal for practising yoga or bodyweight exercises.

    Hawkchurch Resort & Spa also has a fine dining restaurant known as The Beeches Restaurant, offering a range of dishes in the beautiful surroundings afforded by the eatery’s quirky and sleek interior and the panoramic views of the countryside that surround the patio area. Dishes on offer at The Beeches Restaurant include seafood linguini and rump of lamb with dauphinoise; as well as a delicious Sunday roast menu.

    Why Work for Darwin Escapes as a Chef?

    A fast growing, pioneering organisation, the brand ‘Darwin Escapes’ was established just a short time ago in 2015 and yet has already created a reputation for excellence. It is thanks to the standard of holiday resorts within the Darwin Escapes’ portfolio and the outstanding holiday experiences provided to our customers, that our resorts continue to gain awards, returning customers and glowing reviews. With flagship resorts across historic UK cities and rural beauty-spots such as Cheddar, Bath and North Wales; Darwin Escapes continues to grow as we continue to work hard & enthusiastically and apply our specialised industry knowledge.

    A go-to brand in the UK travel industry and for holiday home ownership, as the company continues to grow, career opportunities continue to develop for hard working members of staff. Enthusiastic members of staff are often rewarded not only with the opportunity to apply for more senior roles, they often have the chance to transfer to different teams and departments taking valuable industry knowledge with them. It is this the company’s continued success and growth, and willingness to invest in employees that keeps our staff members happy and staff turnover exceptionally low.

    Become part of a successful, hardworking and friendly company. Working for Darwin Escapes is an exciting opportunity to take your career to the next level. Whether you are looking for a seasonal job as a dishwasher or a company to provide a fulfilling career for the foreseeable future, get in touch today and learn more about what we have to offer our employees.

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If you are interested in becoming part of our innovative company, then submit your CV. Here at Darwin Escapes, we want the best people possible to add to our team to help create the best possible experience for our holiday home owners and holiday makers in our stunning holiday resorts across the UK.

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