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Why you shouldn’t travel abroad (according to Hollywood)

Date: 3rd January 2019
Author: Sarah Twist
Publisher: Darwin Escapes
Entertainment & Events

Obviously, we’re a little bias about how amazing UK holidays are, but Hollywood seems to agree that travelling isn’t all that fun!

Hollywood seems to have tapped into the primal fear of travelling, proving that homegrown holidays are where it’s at! There are countless movies detailing the many pitfalls that can happen during travelling, for example, Final Destination, you could be sitting on a plane and then suddenly get a premonition about how it’s going to crash – causing a movie franchise to go on for decades, imagine having that on your conscience!

Here at DE, we have 20 amazingly beautiful UK holiday destinations available, which required minimum travelling and rewards you with stunning locations all over the UK, some boast spectacular facilities, all come with outstanding accommodation and 9 have the option of holiday home ownership. So really, you don’t need to travel abroad and risk having snakes on your plane, but don’t just take our word for it, let Hollywood weigh in with the list of movies below that will convince you, why you shouldn’t travel abroad.



Okay so you might meet a swanky Leo Dicaprio on your boat, but you know what? Boats sink. I mean, this was the unsinkable cruise liner, that sank. On its maiden voyage. (There was definitely room for two people on that door)



Tom Hanks’ plane crashes and he ends up stranded on a deserted island, with a football for a best friend. Wilson is a pretty good friend though (if a little useless), so I guess that’s the silver lining.

Snakes On A Plane


Not only do planes crash, but now Samuel L. Jackson has put the fear of snakes slithering around your feet while you’re thousands of miles in the air too. Just pray Jackson is on your plane if this ever happens to you.

127 Hours


Never. Go. Hiking. Alone. Seriously, this is a true story and the real life man is an absolute brave, hero, legend. Hiking in America looks fun but this movie will definitely have you questioning that goal, you may or may not lose an arm.

Captain Philips


Tom Hanks’ boat gets hijacked by Somalian pirates. So now we have pirates to worry about, and not the Captain Sparrow, misunderstood hero with too much eye-liner kind either. Another true story, with a number of real life heroes.



Another Tom Hanks movie, another plane crash, another true story. Sully is the pilot and manages to save the life of everyone on board, a true legend.

Speed 2


Thinking a cruise may be the answer to all your problems? Well, Sandra Bullock disagrees. A disgruntled ex-cruise employee redirects the ship into an oil tanker, while Sandy and her boyfriend have to save the day. (Gif from Speed 1, but we all know that was the better movie, I mean Keanu Reeves… we all swoon)

Jurassic Park


Okay, so say all the travelling goes well and you get to said tropical destination. Well, man-eating dinosaurs are just waiting there, ready to ruin any holiday fun you may have had planned. You can’t catch a break.

There are a few things to take from this post. Firstly, never go on holiday with Tom Hanks, the 3 movies on this list aren’t even all of his travel disaster movies, he’s really the worst travel partner.

Secondly, if you manage to get to your destination without running into snakes on the plane, pirates, disgruntled ex-cruise employees, then you’re still not really out of the woods because Jurassic Park could happen and those dinos could have been waiting a while for you.

And lastly, a Darwin Escapes, UK holiday is really the best answer to all your travel woes. We have 20 destinations to discover all over the UK, with 9 offering holiday home ownership, which is actually cheaper than a holiday abroad in the long run, don’t believe me? Take a look at our infographic, which breaks down the overall, average cost of a family holiday abroad vs buying a holiday home and you’ll be blown away by the findings! And apart from the financial advantages of owning a holiday home at Darwin Escapes, there are so many lifestyle advantages, including never-ending holidays for you and your family, spending weekends and school holidays in your home away from home.

Learn more about ownership by calling our dedicated Ownership Team on 01745 858010 or talk to an advisor via our Live Chat service.

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