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Why Fitness Resolutions Fail and How to Make Them Stick – Part 1

This post will aim to help you keep those New Years fitness resolutions with some helpful tips!

New Year is a great time to make a positive change. Whether you aspire to read more, save more money, or to get fit there’s certainly no harm in trying to better yourself in some way or another. The most popular resolution in 2016, unsurprisingly, was “to exercise more”. Coming in as the second most popular was “to eat more healthily” and the fifth most popular resolution was “to lose weight”.

Statistics show however, that most Brits will break their resolutions, with one survey reporting that 27% of people who made New Year’s resolutions in 2016, failed to keep them for a month.

With these figures in mind – how can you give yourself the best chance to keep your resolutions?

Keep your 2017 New Year Resolutions

To help answer this truly epic question, we have tirelessly researched the psychology of setting goals and achieving them.  Using this research, we have created the following tips to help you thoroughly prepare for any fitness resolutions that you might be contemplating.

Grab a pen and paper now and use the criteria below to set your goals & resolutions for 2017…


If your resolution is “to get fit”, then it is likely that you will fail, as this statement is too general. Research shows that resolutions need to be broken down into very specific goals; ideally SMARTER goals, which are: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time bound, Evaluate, and Re-Do

Set Process Goals & Outcome Goals

Goals should be broken down into Process Goals and Outcome Goals. Outcome Goals represented the result that you want, whilst Process Goals outline how you will go about achieving the result. For example:

Outcome Goal

Process Goals

Process goals help to outline specific behaviour and actions which should be either strictly adhered to, or avoided. Process goals can be controlled directly and are the methods which underpin the desired result (the Outcome goal).

Finally, write down why you want to achieve your outcome goal and don’t Let Your New Year Resolutions Slip

For example:

When you have written them down, consider sticking them on the fridge, or in the front of your 2017 diary. Check out Part 2 where we look at how you can thoroughly prepare for your goals, increasing the chances of success even more.

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