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What if Darwin Escapes turned into Game of Thrones?

Date: 12th April 2019
Author: Sarah Denny
Publisher: Darwin Escapes

Darwin Escapes’ luxury resorts are entering the Game of Thrones universe, read below to find out how we fare…

Even if you’ve never seen an episode, it’s hard to go a day without hearing about Game of Thrones. It’s a phenomenon that has captured the nation’s imagination and with a largely British cast, shot on location in Britain, we couldn’t help but get swept up in the excitement of the upcoming new series as well as the recent UK tour of the Iron Throne

It’s got us thinking… What if Darwin Escapes made resorts in Game Of Thrones locations? We know you love our current 23 resorts across the country, and if flying dragons, barely-pronounceable names and bloodthirsty bravado are your thing, maybe one of these resorts are your cup or tea? (or indeed your G.O.T)

Westeros Forest Lodge Retreat

Not unlike its namesake Wareham Forest, Westeros is famed for its luxury accommodation but that’s where the similarities end. Book Westeros Forest if you love battles, bloodshed and bombastry!

Talacre’s Landing Resort

Located a stone’s throw (via medieval catapult) from King’s Landing, residents of Talacre’s Landing Resort can enjoy the Dorne Sea breeze and all kinds of anarchy! Just like its synonym Talacre Beach, this resort’s luxury lodges aren’t far from the seaside, just watch out for enemies landing at Dragonstone!

The Wall Lodge Retreat

Just like its alias Thanet Well Lodge Retreat, spectacular views can be enjoyed, but at least in Cumbria, you don’t have to climb a rickety wooden ladder or bridge to enjoy it and no risk of White Walkers (that we know of!)

Braavos Mill Lodge Retreat

The complete opposite of Bath Mill, Braavos fails to offer a gym, bar or bistro; instead boasting sword-fighting, carnage and Faceless Men.

Casterly Reach Lodge Retreat

Set within sight of the great Casterly Rock, guests at this Escape can rub shoulders with the Lannisters; you know they’re reliable if they owe you something, just don’t get on the wrong side of them!

Winterfell Coastal Retreat

Set a million miles from the Isle of Wight, Winterfell Coastal Retreat couldn’t be further from Woodside Coastal Retreat, figuratively and literally, it’s not even o the coast! Beheadings can’t be ruled out and who knows what you’ll see if you climb the tower (hey Bran?) but you can enjoy the Stark landscape!

Book now for summer, because winter is here!

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