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Virtual Reality Escapes Chester Review

Virtual Reality Escapes Chester: Review

Date: 23rd October 2017
Author: fionabousfield
Publisher: Darwin Escapes
Park: Talacre Beach Resort

Escape to a virtual world of your choosing when you visit the fantastic Virtual Reality Escapes in Chester which offers a wide variety of gaming options…

The next big thing in the entertainment world is undoubtedly Virtual Reality (VR), and a brand new attraction in the heart of the spectacular Roman walled city of Chester has just opened its doors to take full advantage of this.

Virtual Reality Escapes offers a wide array of gaming options to customers, designed to accommodate the tastes of a wide variety of customers. Regardless of your age of interest, you are sure to find a game or virtual world which is perfect for you and ripe for exploring. Regardless of whether you are with children, young/mid aged or retired; you are sure to be completely blown away by this fantastic experience which is well worth a trip.

Read our full review of Chester’s new Virtual Reality Escapes attraction below and find out why it really is a great place to visit for all ages…

Deep Sea Adventures

theblu VR experience

One of the first things which will strike you is the wide range of options which are available.

Not every virtual reality world can exactly be described as being a game, with immersive and engaging video features also available for selection. This includes the opportunity to follow a camera as it voyages around the world famous Titanic wreckage in its current sunken state. During this voyage into the deep unknown you can look left, right, behind you and below you whenever you please thanks to the clever camera techniques which have been employed in the creation of this fantastic application.

However, perhaps the most impressive of these video options is ultra-impressive ‘theblu’ deep sea adventure where you enjoy a close up encounter with an 80 foot blue whale without the fear which would likely be experienced if you were to encounter one of these animals in the flesh.

Games for All Ages

Fruit Ninja VR Game

Games are split into three different levels (amateur, intermediate and advanced) depending on the level of expertise with gaming that you have.

At the Amateur level is Fruit Ninja which is perfect for kids and big kids alike. This incredibly fun game challenges players to utilise the two blades in their hands to slice through the plethora of fruit which is thrown their way whilst at the same time avoiding the pesky bombs which are occasionally interspersed amongst the fruity collections.

The most fun version of this game is the arcade mode where you have to slice up as much fruit as you can in 60 seconds in an attempt to achieve a record score against others who have completed the game. Make sure you look out for the blue bananas which help bring huge combo scores! This is a game is offers great family fun, being easy to engage with for children and also tremendous fun for big kids like myself too.

In a similar vein to this is Space Pirate Trainer which is very similar to good old fashioned Space Invaders but with many modern twists. Use your guns to fight off an endless stream of droids whilst not forgetting to dodge on-coming fire which will be returned your way. The handheld joysticks and headset keep track of your positioning, so side stepping left and right helps you to avoid their on-coming fire in a fun and engaging gaming environment which will appeal to all ages and interests.

Shoot ‘Em Ups

Island 359 VR Game

A slightly more advanced gaming option which is available only to adults if the terrifying but brilliant Arizona Sunshine. This is a game which feels very much like Resident Evil but set in the midst of the Arizona desert.

There is a story mode available with Arizona Sunshine which is perfect for those who choose the longer gaming options which are available for purchase at Virtual Reality Escapes in Chester, complete with expletive filled dialogue which is why it isn’t exactly a family friendly option. This is a better option for adults and older teenagers. In this game you will carry a firearm in each hand and explore the surroundings with the aim of defending yourself against increasingly challenging streams of zombies!

Alternatively, a slightly more family friendly option is Island 359 where the scary zombies are replaced with terrifying dinosaurs of various sizes. This is another option which is likely to appeal to children just as much as it adults.

A Must Visit Attraction

Anyone staying at Talacre Beach Holiday Home Park simply has to pay a visit to Chester whilst staying with us and we can’t recommend Virtual Reality Escapes to you highly enough when you do make this trip. In fact, we’d go as far as to say it is well worth the trip all by itself!

It is a fantastic idea which utilises this quickly developing technology to the max to offer a virtual gaming experience which you are unlikely to experience elsewhere in the region with a huge variety of options available to help ensure that there really is something for the entire family and all age brackets. Ranging from the hard core gamer all the way to the pensioner with a passion for technology; you are sure to find a game or application which offers you a fully immersive experience which is sure to be one of the highlights of your next holiday in Talacre.

The team behind the attraction are also incredibly friendly and welcoming to all, so feel free to phone up and ask them any questions you might have before taking the trip on 01244 373 721 or alternatively you can email them on info@virtualrealityescapes.co.uk.

There are various booking options available with prices varying depending on the length of your individual session. Starting from just £7.50 for a sample 15 minute session, you can opt to book as long a session as you want (depending on availability). Make sure you book in advance to avoid disappointment and ensure that you get the opportunity to try out Chester’s latest craze!

Below is a list of the prices you can expect to pay per session when you visit Virtual Reality Escapes in Chester:


  • 15 Minutes: £7.50
  • 30 Minutes: £12.50
  • 1 hour: £20.00


  • 15 Minutes: £10.00
  • 30 Minutes: £15.00
  • 1 hour: £25.00

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