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Christmas Games

Traditional Christmas Games

Date: 18th December 2015
Author: Sarah Twist
Publisher: Darwin Escapes

What’s your family Christmas Day tradition?

There wasn’t any smart phones and there was very limited games consoles when I was younger, so we have the tradition of playing games in my house. Mostly something like Trivial Pursuit (we did play Monopoly too, but we wont talk about that…) it was great, all the family around the table after Christmas dinner (and usually a nap). Now I’m older I still love to do this and genuinely find it the most exciting part of the day! I’ve recently started to think of games to either buy or play a few months before hand (none of my family get as excited about it as me, bunch of humbugs!). So this year, in honour of the Sherlock Holmes special on New Years Day, we are going to be playing Cluedo: Sherlock Holmes Edition (and because I’m a Sherlock geek.)

Every family has their own traditions, and as people get older and have their own families they carry them on and sometimes add their own too. For example here at Darwin Escapes HQ we have families that dance to brilliant Christmas songs, a family who’s father will buy the board game of whatever TV show is popular that year (Deal or No Deal, Big Bang Theory etc.) and some who, like me, play board games and watch movies. What is your families tradition? Perhaps if you don’t have one but would like to start one, this will give you some inspiration.

Well I’ve managed to find some really cool Christmas games to play on the day! Read on lovely people and find your very own family tradition!



A guessing game (what a title!) Think of a topic, tell the table the topic and then think of something specific of that topic in your head, so for example Tom Hanks films, and then you might think of BIG. Fill an egg cup with water, then go around the table holding the egg above everyone’s head, and everyone guesses what you are thinking. As soon as someone guesses correct (ie BIG) you dump the egg cup of water on them, and they then pick a new topic.

Blind Mans Bluff

Blindman Mans Bluff

This is a great traditional game. Someone is blindfolded and then everyone else scatters around the room (make sure not to trip on stuff!) The blindfolded person then has to catch someone and identify them by touch only, if they cant say who it is then the game continues until they can identify someone. The person who has been caught is then blind folded and becomes ‘it’.

20 Questions

20 Questions

This is a fun ‘yes’ or ‘no’ game. Think of something, can be anything but try not to make it too hard or you’ll be there all night! So pick a person, object or place, then everyone has 20 questions each to guess what/who you are, and you are only allowed to answer yes or no.

Kims Game

Kims Game

This is probably the most simple but also the most frustrating game you will ever play! (a good contender for the Monopoly) Have a tray of objects and ask everyone to memorise what’s on there, then cover up the tray with a cloth and ask everyone to tell you what was on the tray. You can make groups of people to make it more competitive! (think The Generation Game without Brucie!)

Bobbing for Hot Dogs

elf dog

Okay we all know Hugo is my little boy, so I knew I had to find a game that was just as fun for dogs as it was for us hoomans. It’s exactly the same as bobbing for apples at Halloween, but its Christmas and hot dogs instead! Make sure you cook the hot dogs first, lets not get anyone ill over the festive season! Imagine the fun! (imagine the mess…)


So those are some great games you can try this year with your family and friends, including the furry ones! There are also some great party songs you can play too, many of them sang, most famously, by the fantabulous 80’s classic band Black Lace. So grab your phones and Youtube these classic songs, get your party dances ready and have a blast, wiggle along to The Birdie Song, The Chicken Song and I am the Music Man, and get ready to run around like a lunatic with the great Superman Song!

So with all this on off this festive season, why not start a new tradition for your family? Or find a new game to play and song to sing! Let us know what you get up to this festive season!

Happy Holidays Ladies and Gents!

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Photo Credits: In Pastel, Helloimbrian, Christian Heldt, Valerie Everett

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