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Spring Cleaning

Top Tips for Spring Cleaning

Date: 23rd March 2016
Author: Sarah Twist
Publisher: Darwin Escapes

Great Tips for Spring Cleaning your Caravan

Holiday Home

Welcome back to our owners, for a brand new year of creating memories and fantastic fun in your holiday homes!

I hope you had a lovely winter, and that you are now looking forward to getting back to visiting your holiday home! But you are probably not looking forward to spring cleaning your holiday home, knowing where to start is the hardest place, so Darwin Escapes is here to save the day!

And in honour of National Clear Your Clutter Day (19th March), here are our top tips for Spring cleaning your caravan…

Starting with…

static caravan exterior

Start with the outside, check it all out (whistle if it’s looking good…) and then get to work. Clean the gutters to stop slodge and problems during the rainy season ahead (April showers and all that…). Make sure to give the walls a bit of a wipe down with a sponge and bucket for that extra shine, try to avoid using a pressure hose as it can damage your exterior – use a fan shaped spray.

A Great View…

static caravan windows

Clean those windows! Is it a sunny day? Forget about the windows and go to the beach, climb a mountain, do something fun! Sunny days are the worst days to clean the windows, you can’t see the streaks in bright sunshine, so when it’s a cloudy day get out the sponge, bucket and squeegee (it’s so much fun to say that world aloud, try it… am I right?) Start in the top left hand corner of the window and drag straight down, clear off with the squeegee and make sure to curve at the bottom of each stroke, giving a sparkly clean window and a great view!

Red Carpet Entrance…

decking area

Regardless of the amount of effort you put in, your decking will always get worn. It could be because of the weather, or all the great parties and breakfasts you have out there. Sometimes it is just in need of a little TLC. SO! Easy as pie, grab a brush and get all the leaves off it, give it a good sponge bath and spray with a hose, it will be looking plenty flash in no time… back to the parties!

And now for the inside…

holiday home carpets

Start with the carpets, it’s the hardest part of a holiday home because it means all rooms are out of bounds until they dry if you use shampoo. You can hire a great professional machine (I’ve done that, and they are great), or you can opt for the shake and vac style powder options available, which are also pretty good. Either way, clean carpets, clean feet… great smelling home!

Sit With Confidence…

living area

Couches are the best place in the world, serious couch potato over here! I love lounging around and when I have cleaned and washed my couch cushions, I get this happy and smug feeling. I am a clean, lazy person! So a great quick time tip for cleaning a couch, is a steam cleaner, it rejuvenates the upholstery without damaging it and refreshes it after being away over the winter. Same goes for the bed, hoover the mattress to get the dust out, and sink into luxury relaxation, knowing it’s clean and comfy!

The Dreaded…


Oven! I think the oven is one of the hardest places to keep clean, we use it everyday right? So things get stuck to it and you think ‘oh I will get that later’ and before you know weeks have past. I learned a pretty cool life-hack for this, fill a bowl with water and put it in the oven for 20 minutes to loosen all the dirt, grime and food, then just clean away. Perfect, easy and sparkling-like-new oven!

And Finished…

clean holiday home

And there you have it, our great Spring cleaning tips! If you are like me and you don’t fancy having a great big clean the first weekend back, then here at Darwin Escapes we have the perfect solution to you! Drop in to your reception and book a professional deep clean by our fantastic cleaning service! No headaches, no stretching, no cleaning – you show up to your holiday home all clean and ready for your fun filled weekend ahead!

So whether you Spring clean yourself, or get one of our amazing cleaners to do the honours for you, I wish you a great new season and look forward to seeing you all!
Happy Cleaning and Relaxing Guys and Dolls!

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