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Top 6 Christmas Movies

Date: 2nd November 2016
Author: Sarah Twist
Publisher: Darwin Escapes

Are you obsessed with Christmas movies? Us too! These are the 6 reasons why we’re obsessed with Christmas movies

It’s coming to that festive time of year, ready to sit and watch a classic Christmas movie? Here are our top picks. Here at DE HQ we love a good Christmas movie and there was much debate about the movies that would make our list this year. But we have managed to pick 6 favourites, with a special mention too.


1. The Muppets Christmas Carol

Literally my favourite Christmas movie ever. A comedic twist to the classic Dickens spooky tale. With Michael Cain as Scrooge and the fabulous Gonzo as Charles Dickens himself, this musical puppet show is a must watch every festive season! A timeless tale of a classic story, after all “it’s only one more sleep ‘till Christmas…”

2. White Christmas

Another timeless tale featuring one of the best crooners in the business, Mr Bing Crosby. A tale of two showmen paying tribute to an Army hero, while falling in love with fantastic dance numbers, costumes and iconic songs. Always ends with a tear in my eye and a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart.

3. Scrooged

An 80’s Bill Murray classic comedy. Another twist on the Charles Dickens novel A Christmas Carol. The perfect blend of festive, romance, humility and humour, something that only Murray can accomplish. It’s worth a watch just for Carol Kane as the Ghost of Christmas Present, she will have you in stitches, and possibly a tear or two.

4. Santa Claus: The Movie

Another 80’s movie, this one chronicles the life of Santa from a simple working man to the international icon of Christmas. The hilarious Dudley Moore plays Patch, an innovative elf who unwittingly might be ruining the magic of Christmas, John Lithgow is a great baddy in this movie too.

5. Prancer

Another 80’s Christmas movie (seems to be the decade of festive cheer!). An adorable little girl lives on a farm with her grumpy dad. Jessica nurses a sick reindeer back to health while keeping it a secret from her dad and being convinced it’s one of Santa’s heard, Prancer, but is it really Prancer? A heart warming, animal friendly tale.

6. Elf

A relatively new tale that became an instant classic in the hearts of many. Will Farrell’s portrayal of the infectiously enthusiastic elf Buddy has gone down in history, Buddy wants to find his real dad, so he begins navigating from the North Pole to the heart of New York City. You will fall in love with this hapless elf in one of Farrell’s best loved movies.

Special Mention: Home Alone

We all know this movie, if you don’t know it then all I can say is, where have you been?! Back in the day when Macaulay Culkin was a little cutie, his mother forgot all about him and left him home alone (get it?!). The cheeky chappy fights off some very simple burglars and still managers to have an awesome Christmas. What a hero.

There are countless Christmas movies out there and everyone has that one movie they are obsessed with over the festive period. A few others worth a mention are; Love Actually, a tale of 10 stories of love and how they all work from the rom-com master Richard Curtis. The Nightmare Before Christmas, maybe more of a Halloween tale depending on your take of it but a good Disney movie with a festive feel. And the little known Flint Street Nativity, starring Ralf Little, Frank Skinner and lots of other British names, a bitter-sweet tale of a children’s nativity play.

Whatever you decide to watch have a fantastic and festive time relaxing in front of the TV with a hot chocolate (hopefully from the North Pole??)

Happy Festive Watching Ladies and Gents!

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