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Top 4 Most Unusual Christmas Adverts Ever

Date: 28th November 2017
Author: Sarah Twist
Publisher: Darwin Escapes

We all love a good Christmas advert, from the Coco-Cola truck to Sainsbury’s World War I inspired smash hit, but what about those unusual ones? Where did they end up?

Some companies really know how to tug on those heart strings with their festive adverts (we’re looking at you John Lewis!) but some companies also completely miss the mark. DE HQ have put together the top 4 most unusual festive adverts, but be warned some of these adverts can be considered offensive or a little unsettling , with one advert even being banned from TV. Although the following are all meant in jest, we wouldn’t want anyone to get upset, so read the descriptions before clicking play!
So now you’ve been fairly warned, take a look at these oddball adverts that the internet will never let us forget…

4. McDonalds – Early ‘80s

This one is more strange than unusual really, an early ‘80s McDonalds festive ad has Ronald McDonald rounding the children to have some fun ice skating, with one child being left alone and sad on the side. Good ol’ Ron then swoops in to pick up the child and spins him around to join in the festivities. There is no happy meal insight, no burgers, no fries, just a clown on a frozen pond with a bunch of children and some Disney-style animated wildlife. Were they trying to get families to have a McDonalds for Christmas dinner? No one really knows. All I know is that, this advert has not helped my fear of clowns.

3. Mr Kipling – 2004

The ‘Nativity’ was banned from TV after being shown only 3 times and receiving the most complaints of anything else that year. The advert begins with a lady in an emergency room, apparently in labour, the camera then pans out to reveal a whole nativity scene, including 3 wise men and a tin foil star on a pole. The camera then pans further out to reveal the emergency room scene is actually on a stage, and is a rather inappropriate nativity play with a baffled audience… much like the viewers who watched it on the TV I’m sure. The complaints received about the ad were largely concerning the very last line… This advert may be considered offensive.

2. Harvey Nichols – 2012

This festive ad seemed to lack anything… well, festive. Centred around a pretty red dress, two ladies turn up to a party wearing the same red dress, which somehow enables them to have a full on laser-eye fight (Superman style). The fight carries on while everyone at the party continues on as normal, and there is even a Chihuahua shooting lasers from its eyes for some reason! A very strange choice for a Christmas advert indeed.

1. Walmart – 2011

I don’t know how to describe this festive ad… a yodelling cat, complete with Santa hat and photo shopped human mouth. But the cat is yodelling the Jingle Bells, so there is that. An odd advert at the best of times, let alone for the festive season – but it should come with a ‘may laugh until you cry’ warning.

And those, ladies and gents, are the top 4 most unusual Christmas adverts ever! Love them or hate them, the internet won’t ever let you forget them, which one would you have picked for number one? Did we miss one that you think should have been on this list? Let us know!

Keep an eye out for more Christmas themed posts during this festive season!

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