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Top 10 Adult Fright Nights in the UK

Date: 19th September 2019
Author: Sarah Twist
Publisher: Darwin Escapes

Adults like to be spooked on Halloween just as much as children right? Well here is the ultimate list of adult fright nights to get your adrenaline going…

If you’re interested in an adult fright night experience the DE HQ have braved the perils of searching the web for the ultimate live scare events in the UK. We searched through endless clowns, monsters and zombies to find these frightful events near our locations – so you can book your event and accommodation all in one go!

Read on to find the best live scare adult attraction near you this Halloween…

Fright Nights

At: Thorpe Park / When: 28th – 3rd Nov / Open times vary / Prices: £55 day pass

Thorpe Park is back with its award-winning adult fright night event with 2 brand new experiences in 2019. Hold your nerve at the 20 minute, utterly frightening, Terror at Amity High show, where you’re invited to the prom but will you survive the brutal vampires who are out for your blood? Or maybe Creak Freak Massacre is more your speed, where you’ll enter the abandoned Creek Woods Saw Mill and get around the unhinged resident family of lumberjacks. Other live scare attractions include Platform 15, Do or Die and Screamplexx, with so many more to give you the fright of your life this Halloween!

Nearest Location: Tilford Woods Lodge Retreat

FEAR Scream Park

At: Avon Valley / When: 18th Oct – 2nd Nov / Times: 6pm – 11pm / Prices from £13.50

FEAR was voted the UK’s Best Scream Park 2018 and is one of the most popular fright night events. There are 4 returning scare attractions for FEAR fans which are X4, Anarchy Live, Phobia: Rebirth and House of Clowns. But a new terrifying scare maze will be live this year and enter at your own peril! As well as the attractions, soak up the screams from the Halloween Festival of Freakalicious, which has immersive street theatre, fire dancers, an escape room, stilt walkers and fairground rides.

Nearest Location: Bath Mill Lodge Retreat

Adult Fright Night: Scare by Night

At: The BIG Sheep / When: 24th, 26th, 29th & 31st Oct / Times: 6pm – 10pm / £8.50 per person

The 2019 event holds more live actors, more gore and more screams at The BIG Sheep, where you can see your nightmares coming to life. The Haunted Hayride is back to take you on a journey through the Gates of Hell, where dreadful demons are inflicting suffering on lost souls. The Haunted House is brand new for 2019 and is upping this adult fright night scare factor with each having an interactive terror waiting just for you! Jump on the Hell Train if you dare, then tackle Arachnophobia and the Twister Terror ride. This is a very popular event in Devon so make sure to get your tickets today.

Nearest Location: Beach Cove Coastal Retreat


At: Dreamland / When: 18th Oct – 1st Nov / Times vary / Standard: £27 Fast Track: £42

Every year Screamland outdoes itself and 2019 is no exception, with interactive actors, sideshows and twisted mazes to scare you. This year they’ve teamed up with Hamer Horror, one of the most famous names in horror for the brand new Woman in Black attraction where you’ll find some of the horrors most infamous characters. Each scare attraction has a completely different experience to scare everyone, with other live scare attractions including the frightful Condemned Carnival, The Brotherhood and Submerged.

Nearest Location: Canterbury Reach Lodge Retreat

Fright Fest

At: Poltimore Manor / When: 25th – 26th Oct / Times: 6pm – 11pm / Tickets to be released

In its first year, Fright Fest is sure to be a terrifying fright night in Exeter with a guided tour of the haunted Poltimore Manor. Explore the history through a scary horror maze, learn about the manor and how it ended up in a dilapidated state, but you won’t be alone… There will also be music and entertainment all night, including food vendors and a bar.

Nearest Location: Hawkchurch Resort & Spa


At: York Maze / When: 11th Oct – 2nd Nov / Times: 6.30pm – 11.30pm / Ticket prices vary

Back with a bang, Hallowscream has over 100 actors and 5 separate live action haunted houses, as well as stage shows and creepy characters roaming around the maze. Based on a farm, legend tells us there was an awful tragedy 1873 and every year on Halloween the restless souls return to find who’s responsible. Head to the live scare attraction 2073 and get thrown into a ‘post Trump’ nuclear apocalypse, where zombies are running free and society has broken down. Corny’s Carnival has had a terrifying update, including shrinking rooms, rooms that spin and defy gravity, all filled with demonic clowns and mind blowing illusions!

Nearest Location: Kilnwick Percy Resort & Golf Club

Terror Island

At: Blackgang Chine / When: 19th Oct – 2nd Nov / Times: 6pm – 10pm / Prices: £23.50 per person

Terror Island lets you explore one of the Isle of Wight’s most popular attractions in a fantastically frightful way! This adult fright night includes 3 terrifying attractions, The Blood Shed is a serial killers secret hideaway of rotting cabins and half human incumbents. The ancient spirits of the sea are angry with St Catherine’s Lighthouse and are out for vengeance and blood. A Pagan deity has invoked a hex on mankind in Hexcavation after being unearthed during an archaeological excavation. As well as the live scare attractions making you scream, there are two rides available, Cliff Hanger and Waterforce, along with tarot card readings, street food, entertainment and a DJ.

Nearest Location: Woodside Coastal Retreat

Ffear Fforest

At: Zip World / When: 25th – 31st Oct / Times: 7.30pm – 9.30pm / Prices: £25 per person

Head to the famous Zip World for a fantastic fright night in the wild! There will be scary characters hiding all over the woods, go for a ride on the Cursed Coaster and twist through the forest with a spooky surprise trying to steal your soul at every corner. Your ticket also gives you access to The Nets where you’ll bounce your way through the jungle while trying to survive an attack of the clowns in Europe’s longest net walkway. Are you brave enough to try Nightfall? A killer clown will be waiting at the bottom of a trapdoor just for you…

Nearest Location: New Pines Holiday Home Park


At: Ormskirk / When: Selected date / Times: 7pm – 11pm / Prices vary depending on date

A terrifying and very popular adult fright night is waiting for you this Halloween. Brand new for 2019 is the Zombie Arms Freakston Brewery, where you can go after the 4 live scare attractions to slow your heart rate and enjoy the entertainment, including fire dancers, stage shows, music and high rise silk displays. The Zombie Outlaw attraction is a fantastic paintball experience where you’ll shoot anything that moves and stay away from the zombies. The Meat Locker will leave you running from Malachi’s slaughterhouse, as he’s found a way to be immortal by the consumption of human flesh, and it’s yours he wants next. Contagion will play with your mind as the insane clowns and freakish ghouls look to catch you and devour you. Welcome to Farmageddon!

Nearest Location: Talacre Beach Resort

Adult Only Fright Nights

At: Pirates Quest / When: Available All Year / Prices: £12.95 / Call to Book 01637 873379

A very popular walkthrough experience in Newquay. You can experience a real life horror movie Halloween, explore the Cavens and caves, while always on the lookout for those disease ridden Pirates, who are more than happy to get up close and personal with you! You’ll be entering a fully immersive, live scare walkthrough, sure to frighten you, while trying to navigate the dark and dank Pirate’s caves.

Nearest Location: Piran Meadows Resort & Spa

So have you found your live scare event for Halloween from our ultimate guide to the top 10 adult fright night attractions in the UK? Let us know which one you visit…and good luck!

Happy ScareFest!

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