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Top 10 Adult Fright Nights in the UK

Date: 12th October 2017
Author: Sarah Twist
Publisher: Darwin Escapes

Adult’s like to be spooked on Halloween just as much as children right? Well here is the ultimate list of adult fright nights to get your adrenaline going…

If you’re interested in an adult fright night experience the DE HQ have braved the perils of searching the web for the ultimate live scare events in the UK. We searched through endless clowns, monsters and zombies to find these frightful events near our locations – so you can book your event and accommodation all in one go!

Read on to find the best live scare adult attraction near you this Halloween…

Fright Nights

At: Thorpe Park / When: Until 31st Oct / Prices: Vary on Package

These award winning fright nights with 4 scare zones retuning and 2 brand new zones to explore if you’re brave enough! Returning this Halloween will be the Platform 15, where you’ll venture across the forgotten railway tracks, or try out one of the most extreme live horror mazes with the SAW: Alive attraction, The Big Top carnival will terrorise all trespasses and you can face your fears in Containment, the ultimate times escape experience. Thorpe Park are taking on The Walking Dead this Halloween with 2 scare zones, you can choose your path in the Living Nightmare, where your fears become reality at the mercy of Negan. Then take the ultimate test and see if you’ll survive the journey, taking on the walkers in Sanctum. For the ultimate fright night experience, Thorpe Park is the best place for thrills this Halloween!

Nearest Location: Tilford Woods Lodge Retreat


At: Avon Valley / When: 19th – 31st Oct / Prices: Vary on Package

FEAR at Avon Valley is an award winning live scare attraction show, with a range of scare zone, as well as fantastic street theatre from Frank and his troupe, a breathtaking fire show, live music, fairground rides and the brilliant Killzone, an interactive shoot out experience. There are 3 returning attractions, Phobia, Purgatory and Anarchy LIVE, each offering a unique and terrifying experience. From the HM Prison Valley in lock-down and having to escape the riots, as well as undergoing phobia reconditioning treatment at the Valley Clinical Trails, to entering a production studio in a horrifying game of cat and mouse, fighting for survival while being broadcast live for entertainment. And the big question for Halloween 2018, what is the Fourth? A brand new attraction will be being unveiled, and you’re sure to have a ripping good time in the East End… (get it?)

Nearest Location: Bath Mill Lodge Retreat

Adult Fright Night

At: The BIG Sheep / When: 22nd – 26th Oct / Prices: £15.95

The Adult Fright Night at The BIG Sheep is sure to get your adrenaline running! The BIG Sheep have teamed up with Hoteventz for the ultimate adult Halloween event, with a cinema arena showing horror movies to chill you to the bone, and don’t miss out on the Haunted House of Horror, if you’re brave enough. Try your talent at the cocktail apple-bobbing, get your groove on at the dance floor, and have a drink at the full bar facilities, make sure to ride on the twister rides with the crazy clowns too!

Nearest Location: Beach Cove Coastal Retreat


At: Dreamland / When: 13th – 31st Oct / Prices: £18

Another award-winning fright night experience back for 2018, this event is not suitable for anyone under 12. Screamland is on 6 selected nights throughout October, with 6 unique scare mazes to navigate and survive, each night there will be live music and DJ sets on the spooky scenic stage, as well as access to all the rides. Check in to the Dead & Breakfast Hotel if you dare, where something sinister lies within the walls, keep an eye out of Fag-Ash Lil and her murderous boyfriend Jack Mudget. Visit the final screening of They Came from Outer Space and you’ll be in the starring role! Enter the Hall of Mirrors and you’ll be in for Punchinello’s Revenge, meaning a life of torture and torment, or entertainment for Punch! If you’re brave enough, enter Festinos’ Festival of Freaks, filled with killer clowns and run by Alonzo Festinos, the twist Ringmaster, where you’ll come face to face with you worst nightmares! Test the Legend of Crank Jack and say the rhyme… some have disappeared forever after it. Will you be initiated into The Brotherhood? Practising the archaic rituals of the Order of Monks from days gone by, take the journey filled with frights this Halloween. There are two extra scare attractions to explore for the really brave, The Prop Shop is home to all the creepy things and is where the history is not what it seems… You’ve heard ghost stories all your life, by try The Séance and see if death knocks back! A night full of frights to be had at Screamland!

Nearest Location: Canterbury Reach Lodge Retreat

Fright Night UK

At: Great Fulford Manor / When: 26th & 27th Oct / Prices: Range on Dates

This is an over 18’s event, and is sure to get your adrenaline running. You will be taken to a secret location, where you guide will explain everything you’ll need to know. Once you step out of the bus you will enter an intense reality experience and the only way out is complete the whole experience. You will be part of a group trying to survive terror and torment, including low visibility, fog, damp or wet conditions, moving floors, spooky special effects, as well as sudden actions, all in a mentally demanding environment. This event is not for the faint hearted, you will have to sign a legal waver and take ID before you are allowed on the bus, and strength in numbers is greatly needed for this event, so take all your friends with you! if you survived the Fright Night experience (which lasts roughly 2 hours) you will then be returned to Exeter station and taken to your reward, a fantastic Fright Night Afterparty, with a complimentary drink and dancing!

Nearest Location: Hawkchurch Resort & Spa

Thriller Halloween

At: Lowther Castle / When: 28th Oct / Prices: £9.50

Enjoy this frightening experience for Halloween 2018, including creepy performances and chilling encounters with live scare actors. There will also be a Halloween disco where fancy dress is fully encouraged, and you can take your time at the film screenings and indulge in the delicious street food available, as well as the locally brewed beverages. Explore the castle, gardens and woodland trail, which are sure to offer terrifying experiences all round.

Nearest Location: Keswick Reach Lodge Retreat

Adult Only Fright Nights

At: Pirates Quest / When: Available All Year / Prices: £12.95 / Call to Book 01637379

A very popular walkthrough experience in Newquay. You can experience a real life horror movie Halloween, explore the Cavens and caves, while always on the lookout for those disease ridden Pirates, who are more than happy to get up close and personal with you! You’ll be entering a fully immersive, live scare walkthrough, sure to frighten you, while trying to navigate the dark and dank Pirate’s caves.

Nearest Location: Piran Meadows Resort & Spa

Park of the Dead

At: Puckpool Park / When: 24th – 29th Oct / Prices: £22.50 / Spaces Limited, Call to Book 01983 625766

Park of the Dead is a hugely popular, immersive live scare event on the Isle of Wight, which lasts around 1 hour and 45 minutes. Each year Park of the Dead follows a theme, with each theme loosely following on from the previous year, last year was the outbreak of the Z Virus, and this year you will be entering The Asylum. You will be briefed in on the situation by the security personnel and then you will start your search for survivors. The Z Virus is now under control, with only small groups of ‘infected’ left, but all survivors have been called on to search the abandoned hospitals and medical buildings for any remaining patients that have been trapped. You can expect lots of loud noises (probably you screaming), disorientation, extreme darkness and close quarter encounters in this frighteningly fabulous and high intense lie scare experience. This sells out fast every year, so make sure to ring and book asap!

Nearest Location: Woodside Bay Lodge Retreat

Late Nights

At: York Dungeon / When: 6th – 31st Oct / Prices: Ranges on Booking

The York Dungeon is full of undesirables all year round, and this Halloween they have stepped up the spook factor! Visit after dark if you dare to experience the new surprises and the darkest depths of the Dungeon… you will have a hilarious and spooky time while learning all about the history of this beautiful and dark city.

Nearest Location: Kilnwick Percy Resort


At: Farmer Ted’s Adventure Farm / When: 11th – 31st Oct / Prices: Range on Booking.

Farmaggedon is the original fear farm and it is waiting for you to explore all the frightening things on offer! There are 5 unique live scare attractions to explore, including Zombie Outlaw, the Meat Locker, Contagion and Terror on the Farm – all of which are filled with terrifying characters brought to life with movie-quality special effects make up and scarily talented actors! Have you seen the fabulous Farmaggedon Freak Street, were you’ll meet 12 fresh faced monsters ready to terrorise you, fantastic street dancers, magicians, a Zombie DJ, plus screenings of past Farmaggedon nightmares! A hugely popular, immersive and scary experience for all, this event is not recommended for under 15’s, and all under 18’s must provide ID on the gate.

Nearest Location: Talacre Beach Holiday Home Park

So have you found your live scare event for Halloween from our ultimate guide to the top 10 adult fright night attractions in the UK? Let us know which one you visit…and good luck!

Happy ScareFest!

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