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British Summer Blog

The Most Common Misconceptions About the Great British Summer

Date: 10th July 2015
Author: Mark Martin
Publisher: Darwin Escapes
Travel Tips

1. It’s always cold and wet

Let’s not discount the fact that this is somewhat accurate, but in true British spirit we like to cling on to the small doses of warmth we actually get with unfaltering hope for the next year.

According to Met Weather findings, in 2014 all months except August (where we received a visit from Hurricane Bertha) were warmer than the record average, in 2013 we had a heatwave and in 2012 we even had a drought.

2. Or, it’s always muggy and humid

Ok, sort of. Our highs can hit the 90% mark and our lows are about 70%, but most of the time there is a nice cool breeze flowing through the air.

3. We are terrible barbecue-rs

When sober, we are (humble) craftsman at the art of barbecuing. Probably not to rival the Australian’s but, we’re not terrible and there have been no historic cases of BBQ-related food poisoning outbreaks on a mass scale.

Having said that, us Brit’s are known for liking a drink, and according to insurance company More Than, tipsy griller’s have caused garden fires in one in every 30 homes in the UK.

4. We spend most of our time waiting at the airport

This one isn’t entirely incorrect. Studies have shown that Brits spend an average of an hour waiting to check in, thirty minutes going through security, a frustrating twenty – thirty minutes waiting for baggage, and an average of 18 minutes for flight delays.

Now couldn’t that be time spent in a lovely beer garden?

5. All we do is drink Pimms and play Polo

Back to ‘The Great Heatwave of 2013’ (its unofficial title). Sales of Pimms soared by 316%, as did the sale of tennis balls but not polo sticks, make of that what you will…

6. We regularly have afternoon tea with the Queen

Whilst we may be drinking tea, and it may be the afternoon, we are certainly not doing so in the back garden of Buckingham Palace.

7. Britain doesn’t have very good beaches

Thanks to the friendly people of Tripadvisor, Woolacombe Beach in Devon was ranked 13th best in the world ahead of beaches in Aruba, Thailand and New Zealand.

8. And we don’t have much in the way of entertainment

*ahem* Glastonbury, anyone?

9. You aren’t likely to get a tan

Apparently, sales of sun cream increased by 252% in 2013 (remember the heatwave?), and the North West has been hailed as the ‘Self Tan Capital’ of the UK.

So whatever the means, we will be tanned.

10. And the weirdest of them all, we drink warm beer

Don’t ask us how this became a thing, but apparently a vast majority of American’s believe we drink our beer really warm, and we don’t have ice in our drinks.

In actual fact, we like our beer at a cool ‘cellar temperature’ of 11-13 degrees, and you can pretty much guarantee there will be a trusty ice tray in the freezers of most British homes.

So there’s a chance it might rain, and you may need to keep a fire extinguisher in the back garden, but don’t believe the hype. British summer’s are actually some of the best and we definitely know how to have a great time.

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