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Health Cocktail

The Health Cocktail: Mental Health Improvements

Date: 13th May 2016
Author: Sarah Twist
Publisher: Darwin Escapes
Health & Beauty
Looking after your mental health is paramount to a happy and healthy life, even if you don’t currently struggle with mental health it’s good to understand the tools…


If you’ve read the previous post you’ll know that everyone’s mental health can shift dependent on life events or internal stressors. So whether you are currently struggling with your mental health or not, it is important to take care of it and understand how it works and what may help you, should you ever need it.

Below are a few of our top tips on looking after your mental health, with help from those clever clogs over at the Mental Health Foundation

Keep Active

keep active

This doesn’t mean running the London marathon, so don’t worry. It’s more a case of going for a swim or a walk with the dogs (if you have some). If you enjoy running then get those trainers on and hit the pavement!

Eat Well

eat well

Again don’t worry, this doesn’t mean eating ‘clean’ or getting ‘gainz’ or ‘macros’ (who even knows what they are?). It’s the basic stuff, just eat the nutrients your body is craving, it will often tell you what it wants, this will boost your energy levels and immune system giving your higher self esteem.

Keep in Touch

keep in touch

Keeping in touch with those around you, opening the lines of communication. It’s not easy and you probably wont feel like it, but human interaction and companionship is good for you (no matter how much I want to spend the day in bed with the dogs, I make sure to venture out on a walk to see real life humans!)

Ask For Help

ask for help

We are not superhuman, we can not carry the weight of the world on our shoulders like Atlas did (he was a Greek God after all). We all get overwhelmed and upset when things don’t go to plan, asking for help can help us get back on track and feeling good.

Take a Break

take a break

Yes we are a UK holiday company, but it is true, all the experts say that a change of scenery genuinely helps to improve your mood and get perspective. A weekend away or even a one night stay will get those endorphins flowing!

Do Something You are Good At

do something you're good at

The sense of accomplishment and achievement at doing something you are good at will lift your self esteem. Losing yourself in an activity can help elevate stress too, check out those adult colouring books, do a bit of decorating or even build some Lego! (I promise I am a fully grown adult).

Accept Who You Are

accept yourself

A lot harder than it sounds I know. But the more you fight yourself and try to like someone else, even if you have good intentions of emulating someone, the unhappier you will be. You will boost your self esteem and feel better by the day when truly accepting yourself. Your confidence will help you learn new things and meet new people, and good self esteem lets you cope with life events.

There area many more things that can help improve or look after your mental health, head over to the Mental Health Foundation website and see what the lovely experts say. So happy Mental Health Awareness Week, take care of your dear old brain and make some fabulous relationship resolutions.

So you lovely Darwinites, let’s look forward to the next cocktail! And always remember, take a breath, keeping moving forward and always be kind to yourself.
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Photo Credits: Matt Szczepanski, Advice, Amen Clinics Photos, Geralt, John Hain, Porsche Brosseau, USD, Aadesig, Michael Maggs, PdPics.

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