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Health Cocktail

The Health Cocktail: Meditation

Date: 29th March 2016
Author: Sarah Twist
Publisher: Darwin Escapes
Health & Beauty
Welcome to another Health Cocktail installment loyal Darwinites! This time round we are going to look into Meditation


I am going to be talking about Meditation in this post, it goes hand in hand with our previous Mindfulness posts and perfectly fits with our next post, which is all about Yoga. Meditation is defined as a practice where an individual trains the mind to either realise a benefit, or simply to acknowledge its content.

What Is It?


When I first started I was woried that I could never sit down and chant, whether it’s on my own or with in a class, and I was 100% right. I couldn’t do that. But luckily that is not what meditation is about at all. (However, if you want to chant, then go right ahead!) The term meditation refers to a whole host of practices, it’s designed to increase relaxation, build internal energy for the practitioner, as well as develop feelings of compassion, patience and even generosity (seriously, more people need to meditate). It’s about sitting and acknowledging your inner monologue, but relaxing your brain for a few minutes a day too.

Where is it from?


The word carries all different meanings in different contexts and religions, it has been practiced for as long as people can remember, and it originated in and around Tibet, from the Buddhist monks (these Monks have relaxation down pat). The practice includes an internal effort to self regulate the mind in some way, used to clear the mind and ease health concerns, such as high blood pressure, depression and anxiety. It has an amazing calming effect physically, as well as emotionally, letting your muscles release tension and it’s an amazing feeling. Buddhist Monks practice meditation in their day to day lives, as a form of mind training, they learn to practice it while out in general day to day activities, the achieve an indestructible sense of self.

But What Does It Do?


Meditation can be used as a light mindfulness exercise, to decrease anxiety etc. or as an intense, ambitious aim to eventually enjoy an indestructible sense of well-being. So what I have done is downloaded an app, now this might cause some hardcore meditators to scream no, but it has really worked for me. There are millions of meditation apps out there, I use one called Calm and it is amazing. It’s free to download, has awesome soothing background noises (I have raindrops, sometimes it makes me need the loo…) and it loads of mediation styles. For example 7 days of calm, focus, and sleep, so this would be a course you stick at for 7 days. I have been using a Deep Sleep guided course, and it has most definitely worked, I sleep like a baby! But there are unguided sessions too, where you can set an alarm and meditate to your hearts content (even up to 8 hours!).

Find 10 Minutes…

Peaceful sunset

I know it’s hard in modern life to find a few minutes to help you relax and meditate, let alone a whole 30 minutes. But you only really need around 10 minutes to start off, and I have six animals and a husband, who interrupted my session with toasted tea cakes and a cuppa once, bless him! So I really do know how hard it is, but if I can do it so can you!

Give it a go, take 10 minutes and try a bit of guided meditation to get you started. I hope you’ve liked this blog post, I know this isn’t everyone cup of tea (or toasted tea cake) but we learn something new everyday! But you relax every other muscle in your body, so why not relax your brain now and again too?

As always any comments or suggestions on what you use to help you are always welcome!
So you lovely Darwinites, lets look forward to the next cocktail! And always remember, take a breath, keeping moving forward and always be kind to yourself.

Photo Credits: Phra Ajan Jerapunyo-Abbot, Moyan Brenn, Take Back Your Health

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