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Health Cocktail

The Health Cocktail: In Practice

Date: 14th January 2016
Author: Sarah Twist
Publisher: Darwin Escapes
Health & Beauty
How to use Mindfulness to help you. Another Health Cocktail My Lovely Darwinites


Okay so you may have read the very brief history of Mindfulness and as you can see it comes from Buddhist teachings, and have you ever seen a Buddhist Monk stressed? I don’t think so!

So really what I use it for, and you will probably be the same, is to achieve a better work-life equilibrium. Mindfulness can change the way we perceive stress and anxiety, it is not about eliminating stress, because lets be realistic, stress is a given in life (if you’ve ever watched Prison Break you’ll know what I’m talking about, the level of stress that show causes…), but it should help you to deal with stress and discomfort more effectively.

In Practice – What does it actually do?


A good example of this is modern life. Modern life is all about doing, not being, we always ask what are you doing today/tonight/this weekend? (although to be fair if someone asked me what am I being this weekend I may think they were a bit strange…) But really what we are doing is multi tasking our lives to attack whatever is on our (ever growing) to-do lists. We are constantly checking our phones, looking at our screens (okay so I know this a blog, bit of an contradiction I get it…) but we don’t really connect with the people (or fur-babies) that are around us. Maybe this could be your first Mindfulness task? I’ve vowed that from today I am going to turn my mobile phone on silent and not look at it from 8pm onwards for at least a week, why not join me and see how we feel after that week? We need to re-learn how to be, and not just do.

Slowing Down and Living in the Moment

living in the moment

Living in the moment and seeing everything afresh, without judgement and worry, it lets us experience life instead of just getting through it everyday. Time and guilt are linked in our adult lives, as children we would sit and stare at nothing (maybe the clouds, the tv, the stars…) as we get older we are taught not to ‘waste time’. Now this I am good at, I waste time all the time (ha!) but I’m not necessarily aware of my ‘down’ time. We feel guilty for wasting time, we should always be off completing something off our lists or just doing something, like cleaning. But really we should be taking our time, teaching our minds to slow down takes practice – that sounds silly but try it, right now, just sit and be still and don’t think about the million and one things that you have to do. It’s a lot harder than it sounds right? I bet you only lasted about a minute or so – I know I did! Well that is what meditation is all about, slowing your mind down, living in the moment and dealing with thoughts and feelings right now.

So that’s all a brief overview of Mindfulness, how it works, where it comes from and the benefits it can have, what did you think? Have you bought your own monk’s robe and made plans to run off to Tibet? (I’ll join you!) We will cover everything during this series, from meditation to squats and other exercises you can do at home or on your dinner break! Keep an eye out for your next serving of The Health Cocktail ladies and gents!

As always any comments or suggestions on what you use to help you are always welcome! So you lovely Darwinites, lets look forward to the next cocktail!

Remember, take a breath, keeping moving forward and always be kind to yourself!

Photo Credits: Heidi Forbes Oste, Jhoc, Hape Gera, Hartwig HKD

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