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Health Cocktail

The Health Cocktail: Awareness

Date: 13th May 2016
Author: Sarah Twist
Publisher: Darwin Escapes
Health & Beauty
This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and to mark this national awareness week, let’s stop the stigma and talk about mental health!


The Health Cocktail blog series has currently been going for 5 months and we have covered a lot of topics from mindfulness, yoga to stress awareness. Over all wellbeing is something we believe very strongly in here at Darwin Escapes HQ, taking time out for you, whether that’s a weekend break away or even a 5 minutes meditation, it’s all about relaxing and taking stock.

What is the Mental Health Awareness Week?

what is Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week was created by the Mental Health Foundation who have, over the years, generated discussions around anxiety, sleep deprivation (what is sleep?!) and exercise, and how it can all relate to your mental health. This year the focus is on relationships, they help us live longer and happier lives with people to lean on and fewer mental health problems.



Relationships are a huge part of our lives, not just the main ones either; relationships with colleagues are also important. When you think about it, you probably spend more time talking to colleagues than you do the people you live with! Employers are starting to take note of mounting pressures and the importance of a work-life balance (not everyone has an amazing boss like me!), realising that having confidence and a relaxing working environment are paramount to this. As a nation we need a greater focus on the quality of relationships and an understanding of just how fundamental they are to our wellbeing.

Relationship Resolutions

relationship resolutions

The idea of the week is help us make relationship resolutions to improve our interactions, for example being present when you’re with people, so not checking your phone every 10 seconds (I am very guilty of this). Listen to people when they are talking, be aware of what they need at that moment and make sure to be listened to, share honestly and recognise what you need in that moment too, allow yourself to be supported. We also need to recognise negative relationships and how they effect us, which can be hard but this allows us to help find a solution and move forward stronger and happier.

Need help?

stop the stigma

The Mental Health Foundation website has endless amounts of information about mental health, so please check it out for any help you may need! But I’ll leave this blog with something’s that I recently found out and found interesting, the same areas in your brain are activated for physical pain and the pain of rejection. This fact proves that healthy relationships are paramount to your mental health.

So what are your relationship resolutions? Make them so they will achieve the success you want, a positive impact on your relationships but still realistic and achievable. Check out our next post on what mental health actually is…

So you lovely Darwinites, let’s look forward to the next cocktail! And always remember, take a breath, keeping moving forward and always be kind to yourself.

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Photo Credits: Matt Szczepanski, Advice, Amen Clinics Photos, Geralt, John Hain, Porsche Brosseau, USD, Aadesig, Michael Maggs, PdPics.

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