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The Best Christmas Adverts of 2017

Date: 8th December 2017
Author: Sarah Twist
Publisher: Darwin Escapes

What festive advert hit you in the feels this year? We’ve compiled a list of 2017 biggest offerings in this neat little post for you…

In 2011 John Lewis released their Long Wait advert, which followed a little boy eagerly waiting for Christmas Day, we originally think his excitement is about opening his own presents but no, it was so he could give a gift to his parents (sob!). It changed the Christmas advert game and pulled on all the heart strings, making other big brands step up their game for the festive season, which includes Sainsbury’s 2014 ad inspired by the famous World War I truce is always a firm favourite (it’s definitely one of mine, watching it while sobbing in the corner).

So what has 2017 brought us in Christmas TV adverts? Watch them all as you scroll through, read my critiques (they’re quite interesting) and vote for your favourite in the poll at the bottom of the post!

Marks & Spencer

The popular brand has partnered with the Paddington 2 movie for their ad this year, celebrating the release of the movie and Christmas in one go! The advert follows the marmalade loving bear while he mistakes a thief for Father Christmas, thwarting the burglars plans, but showing him the true meaning of Christmas in the process. The M&S branding is cleverly placed, with the initials on the stockings at the fireplace and a shot of their Signature Mince Pies (have you seen our mince pies blind taste test yet? It’s here!) Not so much an emotional ad, but still cute and fuzzy with an iconic bear to make you smile.


Trying a different approach this year, Lidl have created a series of short clips entitled “Every Lidl Thing This Christmas”. Each clip focuses on a certain character during the festive period, for example the Cavalier Carver, the Double Dipper or the Mince Pie Maverick (that’s me). Designed to showcase the range of food and drink Lidl offer, this is a unique way of doing a Christmas advert campaign, going against the grain and offering no real narrative but still showing relatable characters.


It’s all about the food in the Tesco Christmas 2017 advert, it shows chaotic scenes that will be familiar to all families and will help you get excited for Christmas dinner if nothing else! A fun soundtrack from Shakin Stevens’ Merry Christmas Everyone adds to the festive cheer of this ad.


Last year Aldi introduced us to Kevin the Carrot, with the ‘heroes are grown, not born’ tag line, and they’ve brought Kevin back for their 2017 Christmas advert! Picking up from last year’s advert, Kevin has to cross the festive Aldi feast, battling forks, champagne corks and flying peas to get to his love, Katie the Carrot. A sweet advert that will have you chuckling too, look out for Kevin’s “I think I’ve just peed myself” moment…


This year we were introduced to Asda’s Imaginarium, the advert has a Willy Wonka crossed with The Grand Budapest Hotel feet to it. Following a little girl and her grandfather, you’ll discover the wonders of the Christmas workshop at Asda. Rather than a heart-tugging story, Asda have opted for a magical experience and beautiful visuals, while showcasing their range of food.


Titled ‘Ready For Take Off’, the Christmas advert shows pointy-eared elves in an Argos distribution centre helping Santa to get ready to deliver thousands of toys! An elf finds a lost robot puppy toy (which I want…), a speedy chase then ensues to get the toy to the family’s house in time for Christmas (sadly, it wasn’t my house). The advert was made to focus on Argos’ speedy and same delivery, which they offer even on Christmas Eve!


In a big departure from the norm, the supermarket has unveiled a music video (of sorts), with a particulary catchy (annoying?) song, called ‘Every Bit of Christmas’. The black and white advert shows real members of the public singing along, as well as a few famous cameos, including Ricky Tomlinson and Kermit the Frog. You will also see a cute singing dog, a man dressed as a life-sized turkey and Welsh Boxing Day swimmers in the video. This 2017 Christmas advert isn’t likely to give you the warm-fuzzies, and the song has been called annoying on twitter, but it does get stuck in your head (which is probably the point!). Bring back Mog the Cat I say!

John Lewis

John Lewis’ two minute advert entitled ‘Meet Moz’ is pretty cute. Showcasing the friendship between a little boy named Joe and his imaginary monster pal Moz, who lives under the bed, the advert was written by Oscar Winner Michel Gondry with the soundtrack by Elbow, and has been hitting the feels for most people. Set around the friendship of the boy and his monster, they stay up playing games for a few nights until Moz realises how sleepy Joe is every day after they stay up playing, so he buys him a night light. This makes Moz disappear (ouch, right in the feels), but good ol’ Joe turns the night-light off to have some fun with monster friend once he’s all caught up on his sleep! A cute story from John Lewis, with clever product placement throughout.

The 2017 Christmas adverts don’t seem to measure up to previous years, there doesn’t seem to be a stand out favourite (or tear-jerker) this year, but John Lewis do seem to have won the game with their cute monster Moz. There have been some rather strange festive adverts in years past, have you seen our post about unusual Christmas adverts? It’s here, but be warned they are pretty unusual!

Whose advert hit the right festive feels for you this year? Vote in our poll below and let your voice be heard!