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Quick & Easy Homemade Christmas Decoration Ideas

Date: 8th December 2016
/ /
Publisher: Darwin Escapes

Christmas Decorations don’t have to be expensive. Let your creative side flow by following our homemade Christmas Decoration Ideas…

Take advantage of our handy tips to create your own unique Christmas Decorations to wow your friends and family this festive season

It’s really easy to lose hours of our lives looking at ideas on Pinterest. Most of us look at these glorious images of whimsical Christmas Decorations and come away with the best of intentions to create our own. However, life never quite seems to cut us a break and allow us the time to get creative and produce something similar. How many of us have attempted to make our own decorations, but ultimately suffered a Pinterest fail?

This post has three super quick and easy homemade Christmas decorations that anybody can master to avoid suffering a Pinterest Fail of your own.

Paper Flower Pom Poms

Paper Flower Pom Poms are a classic decoration. Whether you make little ones as Christmas tree decorations or group huge ones together from light shades, either way paper pom poms can create a massive impact for very little time and effort.
Tip: Saving the tissue paper from gifts you receive means you can make your own Pom Poms at no cost.

Step One – Cut your tissue papers in to lots of squares and put them in a neat pile.


Step Two – Fold about 1 – 1½ CM or paper over, turn the whole pile over and repeat until the whole thing is concertina.

15178087_10157872066640523_6201489080074055810_n1 15230781_10157872066625523_8913766719478901845_n1

Step Three – Tie some twine around the center. Remember to keep it nice and long so you can tie your flower up. Take a paid or scissors and round the edges.

15181258_10157872066620523_3796556236605282727_n1 15230600_10157872066785523_4000151924632435789_n 15202736_10157872066775523_5285085255927488346_n

Step Four – Carefully separate all the individual pieces of paper and fluff them out to create your flower.

15253583_10157872066790523_7777290284173745548_n 15192664_10157872066995523_3898443856113244943_n
This flower took about five minutes so imagine how beautiful it could be with more layers and lots of lovely metallic tissue paper!

Paper Snowflakes

There are many versions of paper snowflakes but this has to be my favorite.
Tip: Make sure your paper is double sided.

Step One – Cut up some wrapping paper into little squares then fold corner to corner to make a triangle.

15178097_10157872059690523_8735862047205816921_n 15171159_10157872060425523_1302647698939027424_n1

Step Two – Cut three lines from the long edge and repeat on both sides. Make sure your cut lines don’t meet in the middle.

15181271_10157872060415523_6790038838033415962_n 15170919_10157872060555523_6320171492981605769_n

Step Three – Open the square out and turn it over. Using double-sided tape or a stapler join together the corners of the smallest square.

15241869_10157872060545523_7450989468883953387_n 15181209_10157872060550523_6631902051385417719_n 15267516_10157872060700523_9075606075491124980_n

Step Four – Repeat this with the second from smallest square but this time fold it the opposite way to the little one. Repeat this with all the other squares. At this point they can look like an icicle and can be strung up just as they are. If you want a full snowflake follow step five below.

15241223_10157872060705523_5355164791837814040_n 15232217_10157872060710523_8329892352810107605_n

Step Five – Make five more icicles in exactly the same way then join them together at the top and middle, again with double-sided tape or a stapler. Poke a little hole in the top, thread in some twine and it’s ready to hang.

15253415_10157872060980523_1426765640357883159_n 15085617_10157872060990523_6620876154446273147_n1 15232212_10157872061165523_2873519799690504235_n

Paper Chains

There are no Christmas decorations easier to make then good old fashioned paper chains.

Step One – Cut up some strips of paper, we’ve used an old book but you can even make these from old magazines or wrapping paper.

15203277_10157872314125523_3397535428120671474_n 15241297_10157872314130523_1416503736303627572_n

Step Two – Join the two shortest edges together to make a loop, I used double-sided tape but again you can use a stapler. Feed through the next strip to make a chain, again join the two short edges together and repeat until you have the length you require.

15253534_10157872314120523_3521659497864311000_n 15267791_10157872314320523_7465529991218047402_n 15170964_10157872314135523_1407642761107531175_n

So there you have it. Three quick and easy effective homemade Christmas decorations that don’t cost the earth.
Now, go be creative and enjoy …

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