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The Health Cocktail: Top Tips on Healthy Eating

Date: 26th September 2016
Author: Sarah Twist
Publisher: Darwin Escapes
Health & Beauty

Welcome to a Health Cocktail post about healthy eating tips to help with a healthy body and mind…


In our last post we talked about the basics of healthy eating, what you should eat and why. So in this one we are going to talk about the top tips to help you start/continue to eat healthy, so your mind and gut get the chemicals they need to help you make good decisions and have good thoughts!

Plan Ahead


A key one, this cuts out ‘emotional eating’ and snacking as you are prepared for dinner as soon as you walk through the door after the long slog at work that day. It helps to stop the ‘what are going to have for tea?’ conversation, which normally ends in an argument or a take away because everyone is tired, not eaten right all day and can’t make clear decisions. Also helps with the weekly shopping, having a plan stops impulse buying.



If you share the cooking, meal prep and shopping, it can all seem a little less daunting, plus it’s done quicker! (shhh don’t tell my husband that!)

Investigate Intolerances


If you notice that cutting out a certain type of food has made you feel better, or once you have eaten your meal and you feel a little off/bloated/sickly then visit your doctor and request a food allergy test to be done. Feeling unpleasant after certain can be a sign of an allergy: wheat, dairy, gluten or yeast allergy’s can often go unnoticed so make sure to get checked out.

Keep a Food Diary


Not the “Dear Foodie, today I fell in love with the best strawberry” kind of a diary, which would be silly. More of a diary of how certain foods makes you feel, both physically and emotionally, do you notice a coloration between a certain food and a bad mood or an extra bloated tummy? Make a note and see how often that happens.

Consult a Professional


If you are looking for more help, need a guiding hand or just want more information then consult a dietician for specific problems, or a nutritionist can help you improve your overall health. There are many online forums that will help too and if you visit your doctor, they will have a record of the local professionals to contact too.

Don’t Give Up


Changing your food habits is hard and takes time, you may not feel the benefits for a few weeks but make sure to hang in there. Making changes to your routines is tough and you may not always stick to it (like having a KFC because you’re tired…) but don’t stop trying, remember it is an on going experiment, and you’ll get to try new and tasty food!

Those are the top tips ladies and gents, do you have any top tips for healthy food? Let me know! I’ve recently downloaded the Deliciously Ella app on my phone in a bid to eat better, I had a warm salad from there last night and it was tasty! Keep me posted on your progress, and in the mean time for a fantastic, in depth and informative read head on over to Balancing Brain Chemistry.
And always remember, take a breath, keeping moving forward and always be kind to yourself.

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