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Darwin Escapes’ Team Building Getaway

Date: 10th February 2017
Author: Sarah Twist
Publisher: Darwin Escapes

ACF Team Building & Events were the leaders of our team building escape and Deer Park Country House Hotel was the outstanding venue!

I’m betting you’ve all either been on a team building event, or heard about one, well ACF Team Building & Events were fantastic leaders who gave us a clear goal throughout, which was to rescue a hostage! The 30 Darwin members from the Sales, Call Centre and Marketing teams were then split into 6 different teams, and we were given activities to complete over the course of 2 days.

The activities included a Segway obstacle course, target shooting and combat style shooting, where we were tasked with walking through a wooded area in pairs and ‘canvasing’ (I learnt new words) the area for targets to shoot! (with BB’s of course) There was a blind fold lazer maze, which was so much fun and designed to help communication, with one person having to navigate you through the maze while you were blindfolded. There was also a contaminated area where each team has to build something that would reach into the area, pick up a bucket and bring it back to the uncontaminated area, we were only allowed a total of 6 items to build our contraption. As well as driving a 4×4 whilst blindfolded, with a team member sitting in the back and navigating you around a course or down a lane (when the field became too muddy). Every activity was challenging, fun and accessible for everyone, with the ACF team talking to you and making sure you were happy along the way! Take a look at the fun we had over the 2 days from the pictures below! (as well as a sneak peek inside the Deer Park Country House Hotel)

The Activities!

Everyone’s a Winner! (Sort of…)

So as we all know, everyone’s a winner when you work together (a real team building lesson right there!), but there was an actual winning team – the Purple Team! They kicked butt at every activity, listened to each other and planned well, as well as having an amazing amount of fun! So well done to the Purple Team for winning, and below are some photos of all the teams look happy (and a little awkward) and very tired, as well as the lovely Gary from ACF telling us how amazing we all were (which was nice to hear if you weren’t in the purple team! Everyone’s a little competitive after all…)

Team Photo’s

Congratulations Purple Team!

So that was the Darwin Escapes’ team building getaway! DE HQ would like to say a big thank you to Gary and the ACF team for creating such fun activities, as well as the fabulous staff at the Deer Park Country House Hotel who looked after us for 2 days! And of course, DE HQ would like to say a massive thank you to Simon Spencer for putting together the whole experience for us very lucky people!

Thank you from DE HQ!

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