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Chester Zoo Islands

Darwin Escapes at Chester Zoo

Date: 25th April 2016
Author: Sarah Twist
Publisher: Darwin Escapes
Park: New Pines Holiday Home Park
Local Area

Chester Zoo Bear

Don’t worry an animal hasn’t escaped! The Darwin HQ team were spoiled with a day out at Chester Zoo!

The Darwin HQ team don’t often leave the office, but when we do we get completely spoiled, and this was no exception! We were treated to a morning out at one of my favourite places on earth, Chester Zoo, to have breakfast with the bears. In celebration of Milli and Toni’s new home at the zoo we went to see them play and munch away in their fancy enclosure!

The two sun bears are the first to live at Chester Zoo since 1976, and with a 40 years gap they have been missed. I adore the bright faces and intellect they show, both bears were rescued separately from the wild, Milli and Toni’s mothers were killed by poachers in Cambodia. They were both found by conservationist team Free the Bears as mistreated pets before being moved to the UK, and now look how happy they are…

bears collage

And of course, once we were there to see the lovely bears we couldn’t resist a little wander around…

Chester Zoo collage

I love Chester Zoo, it is my favourite place to spend the day because as we all know, I’m an animal lover. The next time you are visiting New Pines Holiday Home Park why not pop along the Chester Zoo and visit Milli and Toni in their new home, along with all the other fascinating species!

Happy Adventuring Zoo Goers and keep your eyes peeled for some exciting news regarding Chester Zoo coming up soon.

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Photo Credits: Kabacchi, Ryan Poplin