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Can I Live in a Holiday Home all Year?

Date: 14th June 2017
Author: fionabousfield
Publisher: Darwin Escapes

Find out how long you can stay in your holiday home when you own with Darwin Escapes…

One of the questions that we are commonly asked by people who are considering holiday home ownership at one of our UK resorts is “Can I live in a holiday home all year?”.

Well the simple answer to this is, no. Basically, the industry in which Darwin Escapes operates can be broken down into two separate divisions; those that offer residential park homes and those who offer holiday homes. Darwin Escapes falls into the latter category, offering an extensive range of holiday homes across the UK which are made up of both static caravans and stunning lodges.

We explain the differences between these two options and point out how long you are entitled to stay in your holiday home throughout the year at our nine holiday home ownership destinations below.

What is a Holiday Home?

A holiday home is defined as being a ‘mobile home’ which is owned in addition to your usual bricks and mortar home. The key thing to remember is that you are not entitled to live in this property permanently throughout the year and owning or renting a permanent residence in addition to this is a legal necessity.

Darwin Escapes emphasises this point to anyone who is considering purchasing one of the holiday homes for sale at any of our UK destinations. Failing to adhere to this means that you will be considered to be breach of the regulations regarding occupancy of holiday homes and may be liable to a council tax evasion conviction. This can result in a jail sentence and/or serious financial penalties.

What is a holiday home?

UK Holiday Home – Aberconwy Resort & Spa

Anyone who owns a holiday home will be expected to be able to provide proof of their main registered address. This could come in the form of a council tax bill for the property in which you reside and you should be able to produce this whenever requested should a member of the Darwin Escapes team or the council suspect you of attempting to live in your holiday home permanently.

The total amount of time you are entitled to stay in your holiday home throughout the year will vary depending on the licence of the holiday park on which you decide to purchase your holiday home. This does vary even between our nine holiday parks across the UK, so be sure to check this before you purchase so as to ensure that you are buying at a destination which is open for a period which is long enough and at times of the year which are convenient for you.

None of our holiday parks are closed for more than six weeks throughout the year and all of them are open during the Christmas and summer periods when the vast majority are looking to spend some quality time with family, friends or even by themselves in the holiday destination of their dreams.

As a general guide, the ownership holiday parks in the Darwin Escapes portfolio generally operate with the following opening schedule:

Holiday Park Opening Schedule
Aberconwy Resort & Spa Open 12 months per year so you can enjoy holidays whenever you please. However, we do remind anyone considering holiday home ownership at Aberconwy that they will need a permanent residence and be able to provide proof of ownership/rental of this property.
Cheddar Woods Resort & Spa, Hawkchurch Resort & Spa and Piran Meadows Resort & Spa Open 12 months per year but we ask holiday home owners to vacate for four weeks of the year at least. This generally must happen early in the year, normally between the 10th January and 10th February.
Talacre Beach Resort, New Pines Holiday Home Park, Seaview Holiday Home Park and Swanage Bay View Holiday Home Park Closed for six weeks of the year for maintenance. The exact dates should be checked with the on-site staff but this generally occurs between the 10th January and 1st March.

When you become a holiday home owner at one of our holiday parks, you will be entitled to enjoy as many holidays as you want throughout the year. Whenever the holiday park is open, you will have the option of simply packing your bags whenever you please and heading off to enjoy a holiday on a whim. A superb feeling of freedom and the opportunity to escape to a luxury destination whenever you want. Suffered a stressful week at work? Just pack your bags when you get home, hop in the car and drive off to your holiday home to escape from it all.

Holiday home owners will not be expected to pay council tax as there is no physical postal address in existence for the property. You will be expected to cover the costs of this via your annual site fees which basically serve the same function as council tax bills as this covers the cost of maintaining the park, your utilities, the facilities which are made available to you and much more.

Site fees payable will vary depending on the location at which you own a holiday home, so be sure to check these out to make sure you are happy that you will be able to meet the fees annually before you commit to a holiday home purchase at one of our destinations. These vary due to the differing locations and also to reflect the fact that facilities vary by location. The site fees which are currently applicable at each of our ownership destinations are highlighted below:

Holiday Park Site Fees Start From:
Aberconwy Resort & Spa £6,470.94
Cheddar Woods Resort & Spa £6,181.14
Hawkchurch Resort & Spa £5,814.15
New Pines Holiday Home Park £3,826
Norfolk Woods Resort & Spa £4,996
Piran Meadows Resort & Spa £5,217.56
Seaview Holiday Home Park £3,942
Talacre Beach Resort £3,852

As well as picking your ideal destination, you will also need to pick your preferred style of holiday home. We offer both static caravans and holiday lodges for sale at our resorts which are available in varying sizes and designed to facilitate a wide range of budgets. Please be sure to check out our holiday home sales page to view the latest new and used lodges and static caravans which are for sale at our nine holiday parks across the UK.

What is a Park Home?

As with holiday homes, a Park Home is classified as being a ‘mobile home’ but they are covered by separate legislation’s.

What is a park home?

An example of a UK Park Home

A park home can serve as a permanent residence for owners and tend to be a detached bungalow style construction which are available in various sizes and styles. Modern variants tend to be similar to standard bricks and mortar homes in a lot of ways in that they are centrally heated, double glazed and insulated to ensure that they can be enjoyed throughout the year.

The major difference between park homes and bricks and mortar variants is when it comes to the land on which the property sits. With park homes, residents will not own the land on which the property is situated. You are instead expected to pay annual site fees to the owners of the park on for as long as you reside there, which work in a very similar function to council tax bills. This means that despite the significant investment you make in your home over the years, you are never in full ownership of the destiny of the property and subject to the whims of the owners of the park. This means that they can have an input when it comes to selling the property and can raise site fees at any time.

Problems faced in this regard are common, which is why it is so important to make sure that you set up home on a park which is owned by a reputable brand that is going to stand the test of time and not take advantage of you. Some unscrupulous operators who advertise themselves as selling Park Homes sometimes don’t even have 12 month licences which means you would have to vacate for a certain period of the year. This is a key thing to look out for if you are considering buying a park home.

Here at Darwin Escapes, we do not offer park homes ownership at any of our locations across the UK, only holiday home sales. However, we hope that the above information will prove helpful in helping you understand the difference between the two, with our holiday homes not intended to serve as a permanent residence.

Darwin Escapes Holiday Home Ownership Options

Although we don’t offer park home ownership options, we do have nine very different holiday home parks across the UK in varying locations covering North Wales, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and Dorset.

We know that there isn’t one size fits all when it comes to picking your dream holiday home, which is why we have varying options available for you to choose from. This includes both new and used lodges and static caravans produced by leading holiday home manufacturers which are available in varying sizes and to accommodate a wide range of budgetary limitations. If you are struggling to meet the costs of purchasing your holiday home, then we can also introduce you to recommended finance specialists who can help split up the fee and make it a more realistic proposition for you.


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Happy Holiday Home Ownership

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