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About The Hampton Heights Package

Date: 1st April 2018
Author: Sarah Twist
Publisher: Darwin Escapes

Darwin Escapes and Prestige Homeseeker have teamed up to offer a one-of-a-kind lodge experience

With the brand new Hampton Heights packages, one lodge will cover 20 destinations, as the Prestige Homeseeker’s beautiful Hampton Lodge comes complete with propeller! This means you can book your package and reserve your heli-port at any Darwin destination of your choice, you can then pick your next location you’d like to stay at, then sit back and enjoy the ride in the luxurious Hampton Lodge.

Together, Darwin Escapes and Prestige Homeseeker are taking the holiday industry to new heights! It started with a simple sentence “how good would it be if you could move your lodge to any destination”. The sentence grew into an idea, which created the first, brand new portable holiday home from two brands working to revolutionise the holiday industry!

Choose the Hampton Heights holiday package today and reserve your heli-plots at one of our beautiful Darwin Escapes destinations and start creating memories to last a lifetime.