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12 Classic Christmas Gifts from the 80s and 90s

Date: 18th December 2017
Author: Sarah Twist
Publisher: Darwin Escapes

Do you remember putting these gems on your Christmas list? Or were you the one running around trying to find them?

This post will hit you right in the nostalgia feels, with 12 classic Christmas gifts from the 80’s and 90’s. Whether you were feverishly writing to Santa for that Gameboy, or you were the parent putting all those stickers on Barbie’s latest campervan, these toys will have you wishing for days gone by!

Anything Barbie

There are endless versions of this blonde bombshell, Barbie has been a vet, astronaut and pilot. She had the best Dreamhouse, it was every girls dream to have one, but we were also happy to settle for her campervan (if you still get the Dreamhouse hankering, there is a real-life version you can visit!)

Lite Brite

Making images and words with colourful pins was just the best! A low tech version of Microsoft paint

Care Bears

Just the cutest things, everyone always wanted Rainbow Bear, the most colourful cuddly bear there was. They even have hearts for noses!

Cabbage Patch Kid Dolls

You didn’t buy a Cabbage Patch Kid, you adopted them, complete with birth certificate and back ground story! It was a commitment most kids begged for!

Little Tikes Kitchen Sets

They looked like 80’s kitchen’s, meaning your game of ‘house’ was all the more realistic (too bad I hate being in the kitchen now!), so much fun to be had cooking that plastic orange and answering the phone that wasn’t connected to anything…

My Frosty

If you didn’t want a Mr Frosty then you didn’t understand the magic of ice crushed by a snowman’s hat and churned out his belly, to be then covered in food colouring, mmm delicious?


The age of the first games consoles, we all wanted them. Whether it was the alien Abe, pixelated Mario Bros or super pixelated Sonic, we all wanted a game we could play on the TV (even the adults!)


The step up from the games consoles was the Gameboy and if you’re a little younger, the Gameboy Colour! Imagine taking little Mario with you everywhere you go!

Polly Pocket

I added these because they were my absolute favourite! So much detail, so many sets and you could take them everywhere. I even had a magnetic one, where Polly ice skated!


This was the must-have toy of the late 90’s. Every kid wanted one and I’m pretty sure every adult hated the strange looking owl-like creature. I remember a Furby crying “Hey boo loo-loo” from inside a wardrobe…


Who didn’t want a tiny digital pet that beeped insistently? You even had to clean it’s virtual poop and they lasted forever, so you got your money’s worth! They were so popular that over 76 million Tamagotchi’s have been sold since the 90’s.

Baby All Gone

The best baby doll there ever was, Baby All Gone drank her milk, ate some cherries off a spoon and wet herself regularly, oh the joy! When you worked out how those cherries disappeared from that spoon, your childhood was officially over.

Do you remember any of these presents? Do they incite joy and nostalgia, or do they strike fear and annoyance from having to build them all and putting all the stickers on? Everyone had that toy they wanted when they were kids, if you’ve ever seen The Santa Clause with Tim Allen, you’ll know what I mean!

Did your favourite toy make our list? Let us know what your favourite toy or game was back in the day!

Photo Credits: Harry Lawford, Amanda, Pascal Maramis, Evan Amos, William McKeehan, Crystal, John Trainor, Downing.Amanda, Evan-Amos

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