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Should I Buy a Holiday Caravan?
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Should I Buy a Holiday Caravan? – Expert Guide


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Andrew Griffiths

Written by: 20th December 2016

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I want to buy a holiday lodge - expert guide

Buying a caravan is a great investment for a number of different reasons. A touring caravan is one option. A touring caravan is the type which is towed behind a vehicle and will tend to contain very basic amenities. A static caravan is one which is permanently placed on a specific caravan site or holiday park. Static caravans generally contain more extensive facilities and features and are often considered a home from home.Static caravans are generally larger and unlike most touring caravans, can be kept warm all year round. Both touring and static caravans can provide an unlimited number of family holidays. A static caravan can be a great escape for weekend breaks and family holidays. Static caravan parks also have a great sense of community as owners get to know each other and are generally in a relaxed and happy holiday mood.


Should I buy a new caravan?

Just like when buying a car, most of us would love to buy a brand new version of the latest model. We generally encourage people to start off with used static caravans and then after a year or so, evaluate whether they would like to buy a newer, and potentially larger version. This approach can be applied to any type of caravan; in terms of buying a static caravan it helps to ensure that you really love the location and the lifestyle, before you make a more significant investment.

inside a static caravan

Should I Buy a static caravan?

Touring caravans can be great, but chances are you will find one specific spot or location that you visit time and again. Touring caravans can also be difficult to store or park when not in use and touring caravan sites tend to be closed outside the summer months.

Darwin Escapes have eight stunning locations in the UK that offer holiday home ownership options, with six of these having static caravans available for sale. The advantage or buying a static caravan is that it’s easier to set off on an impromptu weekend get away – just because you can or you feel like it!

You won’t have to spend hours packing and you don’t have to worry about driving, parking and hooking up your holiday home to an electric and water source. Modern static caravans are also relatively easy to keep warm all year round, providing holidays throughout the year.

buying a static caravan

The Pros & Cons

We recognise that everyone has different needs and requirements when it comes to holiday home ownership. This is why we’ve created such a diverse holiday resorts, with each having its own unique personality and offering to ensure we appeal to as wide a variety of people as possible.

However, we also know that static caravans are not right for everyone. Some people prefer the flexibility that comes with a touring caravan.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of pros and cons for both touring and static caravan ownership, to help you decide which option is the right one for you if you are intent on buying a holiday caravan:

Touring Caravans


  • You can move to different locations whenever you like. The world is your oyster as they say.


  • You need somewhere to keep it. Check your local bylaws about keeping touring caravans on your drive as you will not be permitted everyone. Some new housing estates also have clauses regarding the parking of white vans and touring caravans which you should look out for.
  • You will need a car with enough engine power to tow the caravan.
  • Touring caravan sites tend to be closed outside the summer months.

Static Caravans


  • Generally have larger living spaces
  • The majority sold by Darwin Escapes contain fitted kitchens so you will have everything you need for self catering;
  • Static caravans generally have more than one bedroom so the whole family can come along and have plenty of space available to them;
  • The majority of Darwin Escapes static caravans for sale feature double glazing and central heating – making them warmer alternatives in the winter months


  • May be more expensive than touring caravan alternatives on account of the extra features
  • Not as mobile as touring caravans with you being routed to one holiday resort. Places extra importance on finding the right location for your needs.
family holiday caravans

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Should I Buy a Holiday Caravan? – Expert Guide

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