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Find Elvis the Elf at Cheddar Woods


Category: Active

Sarah Twist

Written by: 2nd December 2016

Estimated time to read: 1 minute

Find Elvis the Elf for 3 days in a row and you’ll win a special prize, read on to find out how…

At the North Pole, Santa has many helpers to make the Christmas season extra special, and these cheeky elves are his eyes and ears around world! On the 1st of December Cheddar Woods Resort & Spa had a special elfish guest check in…


Everyone was shocked to see little Elvis the Elf, we thought no one had ever laid eyes on a real elf before, but Donna and Karl said they had seen the elves before, and it turns out this cheeky little fellow was up for some fun! Our fantastic Go Active Team took Elvis under their wing and showed him around the facilities. Elvis had a fun-tastic time, from relaxing in the hot tub and warming in front of the fire to making an elf-angel!


You can even send your letter to Santa through the Cheddar Woods Santa Post Box!

Elvis will be joining in on the fun with the Go Active Team as he is an adventurous elf and likes to get stuck in! Elvis will be hiding out everyday somewhere around the park and it’s your job to find him! Keep an eye on the Go Active Team’s Facebook page for clues on where Elvis is hiding, once you’ve find him make sure to take an Elfie Selfie, post it to the Go Active page with the #elfontheshelf and #cheddarwoods hashtags. If you manage to find this cheeky elf for 3 days in a row you’ll win a special prize!

With Elvis’ adventurous nature he will be sure to create new and exciting hiding spots for you to find, so make sure to check the Go Active Team’s Facebook page everyday for a clue on where he is!

Good Luck Elf Seekers!

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Find Elvis the Elf at Cheddar Woods

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