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Nantclwyd Y Dre: A Trip Through Time

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Sarah Twist

Written by: 25th November 2016

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Located in a traditional Welsh town, this stunning house is a trip back in time with a few tricks up its sleeve!

Located just 30 minutes away from our wonderful Talacre Beach Holiday Home Park it is the perfect place to visit during your North Wales holiday break. Ruthin is a sleepy Welsh town that is steeped in history and the local culture, with a rock in the town centre claiming a connection to King Arthur and Nantclwyd Y Dre being a 15th Century house, Ruthin is like taking a step back in time!

Nantclwyd Y Dre is a 15th Century town house, just off the high street, with history and beautiful gardens, the house itself is known as Wales’ oldest dated timbered town house and was continually occupied for than five centuries.

Since becoming a house in 1435 Nantclwyd Y Dre has been home to some colourful characters, and you can learn all about them during your tour around the lovingly refurbished house. Over the centuries the house was updated and upgraded, with the rooms having been beautiful restored to demonstrate the ever changing fashions, so you can really see what life was like during the relevant periods.

One room has been left alone, due to current residents still living there. In the attic there lives a family of bats, you can take a sneak peek at these lovely creatures using the ‘bat cam’. The newly refurbished Lord’s Garden adds a whole new dimension to the house, and helps to show people what the original Nantclwyd Y Dre garden looked like.

A visit to Nantclwyd Y Dre is like taking a trip through time, a wonderful tour of the centuries through the house, and they even have an accompanying Interactive Tour App if you fancied more stories about the beautiful and fascinating house! For the opening times, please visit the Nantclwyd website.

Happy Exploring Ladies & Gents!

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Nantclwyd Y Dre: A Trip Through Time

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