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Darwin Escapes Team at Chester Zoo


Category: News

Sarah Twist

Written by: 25th August 2016

Estimated time to read: 1 minute

The Darwin Escapes team have been lucky enough to have a pop up tent at the amazing Chester Zoo!

As official partners to Chester Zoo, the Darwin Escapes team get to come and see you guys when you visit the world famous animals! Drop into the cafe and grab a seat on the lawn area today and tomorrow (25th & 26th August) to meet Charlie Bear’s Rangers team, have a dance with them and make some cool animal masks too! Even with the dull weather today you can see our team are still enjoying their day, why not join them? They will brighten this dull start to the Bank Holiday weekend for you today, and add extra sunshine and fun for tomorrow!

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And while you’re there don’t forget to go and visit the Dinosaurs!

Chris and Michelle from the Darwin Escapes team had a rawring good time (sorry…)

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A fun day out for all the family at Chester Zoo, with the added bonus of our very own, special, Darwin Escapes team and the amazing Charlie Bear’s Rangers! Drop by and say hello to meet our friendly team!

Happy Adventuring Folks!

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Darwin Escapes Team at Chester Zoo

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