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One Man and his Darwin Duck on Tour

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Category: Local Area

Sarah Twist

Written by: 28th June 2016

Estimated time to read: 1 minute

One Man and his Duck have been on more adventures, making friends, enjoying the sunshine and even helping out…

With so many adventures to have around the Darwin Escapes locations, Duck and his human always has something fun planned for his days away! Here are some more pictures they managed to capture on their days out…

Here is Duck relaxing in the car while his human gets stuck in traffic, behind a brand new lodge no-less! Duck seems to love the car…

Traveling duck

Here he is helping out in a brand new lodge…

Helpful Duck

Duck met some lovely new friends at New Pines Holiday Home Park in North Wales, hanging out with the cheeky Hawkchurch fox and do we spot a lovely lady Duck friend there too?

duck and friends

And lastly, after all those adventures, Duck is kicking back on the beach, just a few minutes walk from Talacre Beach Holiday Home Park on the North Wales Coast…

duck and sunshine

Duck and his human love their adventures, keep up to date with what they get up to on their very own One Man and his Duck twitter page!

Happy Adventuring fellow Duck lovers!

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One Man and his Darwin Duck on Tour

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