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Watermouth Castle & Theme Park

Watermouth Castle and Theme Park

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Sarah Twist

Written by: 18th May 2016

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Watermouth Castle and Theme Park
Devon is one of the most breathtaking places in the UK, as well as being home one of the best family tourist attractions on the coast

Beach Cove Coastal Retreat has stunning views overlooking Hele Bay in Ilfracombe where you can truly relax in our one of a kind beach hut accommodation units. But when you’re looking to get out and about and have a bit of fun, you can always take the short trip to Watermouth Castle & Theme Park, a place where there is literally something for everyone!

Hidden Castle Treasures

Watermouth castle

Watermouth is located in a stunning and picturesque setting overlooking Watermouth Cove and the Victorian setting of the Castle offers a unique and magical experience with entertainment for all ages! Marvel at the magnificent suits of armour, step back in time to enjoy the antique pier machines and Victorian toys and games, with plenty of displays to feast your eyes on. There are also rooms set up to help demonstrate what life would look like in Victorian times, including a kitchen scene full of relics and a formal sitting room showing master and servants going about their daily chores. A real trip back in time in this Victorian Castle.

The Dungeons, Labyrinth and Gnomeland


Venture into the depths of the castle if you dare and explore the deep dungeons! Watch the magical fairy tales come to life around you, explore the old craft shops, play the old arcade games and laugh (or scream) at yourself in the Hall of Mirrors too! Brave the Spooky Smugglers Dungeon and watch out for any strange doors! See if you can find your way out of the fantastic maze and explore the secret world of Gnomeland. Wander through the village and watch the gnomes go about their daily chores, sneek a peek into their home and discover their little world!

Adventure is out there! (I bet you shouted that…)


Don’t forget to meet the Watermouth Castle Giant and the Wicked Troll, always mind your step in the tilting house, feast your eyes on the mystical water gardens and venture to the haunted mill! There is an endless amount of fun to be had at Watermouth, try the 100 meter Big River Ride, and see the charming Teddy Bears Picnic animations on the gentle Snail Trail Ride. Don’t miss the Water Show Extravaganza, grab your seats and settle in for this breathtaking performance. The famous underground water show is played by the 1920’s Mighty Mortier Organ, it has specialised cards containing 101 punched holes that set the sequences for the music, water and lights. All giving a totally synchronised and spectacular display!

With two cafes and plenty of picnic spaces available you will have everything you need for a fun day out in Ilfracombe, with a touch of nostalgia in the Victorian gardens.

Happy Adventuring!

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Photo Credits: Dave Skinner

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Watermouth Castle and Theme Park

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