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Beach Holiday Essentials
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Beach Holiday Essentials

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Sarah Holmes

Written by: 13th May 2016

Estimated time to read: 1 minute

Summer is fast approaching and if you are lucky you might get the opportunity to enjoy a day out at the seaside and really make the most of the weather as the sun makes a welcome return to the UK shorelines.

But how often have you turned up at the beach and realised that you have left an essential at home? I’ve become reminiscent of a lobster on multiple occasions as a result of not bringing enough sun cream to see me through the day. Of course, this is not a clever thing to do with recommended that we reapply skin protection every two hours.

With this in mind, Darwin Escapes have put together a list of the top ten beach essentials which you simply can’t go without when you are heading to the seaside this summer. Other essentials of course include handy tips such as taking a flask with you; after all flasks are just as effective at keeping your cold drinks cool as they are keeping your tea or coffee warm. Another handy tip is to take talcum powder with you, there really is nothing better at getting pesky sand off your feet. Take a look at all of our handy tips in our below infographic.

Darwin Escapes have a number of seaside holiday resorts across the UK where you can enjoy beach holidays in locations including the 5 star Talacre Beach Holiday Home Park on the gorgeous North Wales coast.

Beach Holiday Essentials

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Beach Holiday Essentials

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