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One Man and His Duck on Tour

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Category: Local Area

Sarah Twist

Written by: 29th April 2016

Estimated time to read: Less than a minute

Darwin Escapes resident Duck and his human Simon have been travelling around the UK visiting plenty of places and seeing many sights!

Simon and his Duck travel around the various Darwin Escapes holiday resorts enjoying a life of luxury, lapping up the scenery and beautiful accommodation on offer. Their most recent trip took them to Hawkchurch Resort & Spa in Devon and our brand new Woodside Bay Lodge Retreat in the Isle of Wight, here are some photos from the trip for you to enjoy…

Darwin Duck collage Darwin Duck on tour

If you want to keep up to date with Duck and his human Simon check their Twitter page out for all the latest photos and gossip!

Happy Adventuring Ducklings!

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One Man and His Duck on Tour

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