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the old captain ghost ship north wales

The Funship in North Wales – Graffiti Ghost Ship

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Chris Algar

Written by: 2nd April 2015

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Described as a ‘beached great white whale’, the landlocked TSS Duke of Lancaster has been out of service for 35 years whilst in permanent dock near Mostyn, North Wales.

Originally the plan and intention was to transform the previous ferry into a floating leisure and retail complex called The Fun Ship. However the venture never seemed to get off the ground and after a few years of trading, the ship was finally closed in the mid 1980’s. Since its closure The Fun Ship has turned into an eerie behemoth after years of battling the elements on the North Wales coast.

fun ship north wales

After years of neglect the outside of the vessel has begun to show its age with large amounts of the exterior paintwork covered in rust but despite this deterioration there are still plans to return the now ghost ship to its former glory.

A Splash of Colour

Street artists from around Europe, including Latvia and Russia, have descended upon Mostyn, North Wales, to leave their mark on the once luxury vessel. If you are to visit the The Fun Ship today you will find it transformed by bright, colourful and surreal works left by numerous graffiti artists.

The idea is to continue the external overhaul to create the largest open air art gallery in the UK. The ship is slowly being covered with outstanding pieces of art including one of the artworks which is a picture of the ship’s first captain, John ‘Jack’ Irwin.

Check out the TSS in its full colourful glory below in a few pictures we have taken:

is the fun ship haunted ghost ship north wales
A Distinct Piece of History Right Here in North Wales
ghost ship graffiti north wales
See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil
the old captain ghost ship north wales
Is the Fun Ship in North Wales Haunted by its Former Glory?
fun ship tss lancaster

Credit to the photographer Douglas Valentine.

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The Funship in North Wales – Graffiti Ghost Ship

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